Love At First Mic

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If you’d asked me in high school what I wanted to do after I finished, my list of possible career paths would’ve included fashion design, forensic sciences or media… the very last resort being running off into the sunset with a really wealthy Italian man for a career as a housewife. My love for storytelling has never died down, even when my dreams of what I wanted to become changed.


Learn To Laugh, Learn To Love

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I was about 6 when I realised something was seriously wrong with me. On my first day of ‘big school’, we’d been assigned seats and I sat in a group with 3 other girls, these two long desks put

Help From The Other Side


When I was a child, I used to have this reoccurring dream about myself flying in this beautiful, very green garden of some sort with someone I’d never met in awakened life. I can’t tell you if they were a boy or a girl, but they held my hand whenever I had this dream, to ensure I wouldn’t fall into the river below where sometimes, crocodiles were swimming in the clearest of waters.

My Life as a Mix Tape


I think I’m pretty lucky to have been born between two eras— the one where cellphones were being introduced along with other life changing technologies, and the one where we transitioned from things like cassettes, VHS tapes and floppy disks to DVDs (and now streaming) and USB sticks for our convenience. Even though I can actually say I watched the world evolve, there are times when I miss how simple things used to be.

The Weekly Thanks

The Weekly Thanks

This past week was nothing short of amazing! It was probably my best week of the year thus far because it was packed with alignment and a whole bunch of moments that made me smile and it all began with me setting the intention at the start of the week that the Universe would surprise me throughout the week.

The Weekly Thanks

The Weekly Thanks

This past week was definitely a bit of a drag for me but that’s the beauty of life, right? Challenges. Times like these often force me to find the good and I did!

Dear Me, From Me: A Letter From My Future Self


Dear past and current Lydia,

In light of it still being the month of love, I’ve been inspired to write a letter from the future to both my past and present selves. Most times, we live a life of stress and panic; we’re afraid of taking leaps of faith for our passions or the people we love out of fear of failure or even the fear of beginning, because of the unknown. You’re a perfectionist and always want to come out on top with a bit of praise and, while that’s okay, facing your fears is the first step.

Behind Lydia’s Smile


I started blogging at the very end of August 2018 (for September that year) and my goal at the time was to share posts about the things that set my soul on fire: music, books, food, spirituality, fashion… everything that made me the girl I am today; I was inspired to bring positivity to the world in the best way I could possibly image, in a world that’s so negative, and I chose blogging as my medium.

A Marumo Christmas



For a lot of people, Christmas is full of excitement for both young and old, especially because of the traditions behind it: buying and decorating the tree, gift shopping and wrapping, the elf that your parents secretly moved around the house to count down the days leading up to Christmas, the story of Santa and his love for cookies and milk and, of course, the advent calendar. It’s magical, I will admit, especially if you add to that list a scene of white flakes falling from the sky and perhaps a fireplace that the family gathers around to unwrap presents before one of your musical relatives plays some Christmas classics from the piano on the other end of the room.