The Weekly Thanks

The Weekly Thanks

This week has been quite different for me. I’m not used to actively looking for things to be grateful for on a daily basis and this exercise has had me looking for more to be thankful for; more than pretty flowers, more than just the fact that I woke up today, more than just the fact that it rained this weekend.


Works Like Magic

Law of Attraction 101

This past week, the only thing pretty much flooding all my social media feeds and timelines has been Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings. As a fairly new fan of her music and her as an artist and as someone who’s fairly new to the Law of Attraction, most times that I’ve sat to listen to some of her songs’ lyrics, I’ve almost fallen off my seat because of how she’s spoken things into existence through her music or how she comes across as someone who constantly uses the Law of Attraction to bring things to fruition for herself.