Go For Gold

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I read a tweet this morning about how there are 50 or so days to go until the end of the year… time flew, didn’t it? just a few months ago, I was at a totally different place to where I am now and I think that’s the case for a lot of people—we’ve grown in some way.

What’s Been Going On

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Hey loves!

College has me by the throat– that’s the summary of what’s been going on… but I’m excited to say that I’m nearing the end and my most stressful module is done with for the rest of 2019 (I just submitted the assignment and I feel as free as a bird… with only 2 more assignments to finish off).

Letter of the Month

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Dear Smile-keepers,

Spring has sprung on this side of the world and as much as I’m excited about warm weather, rain, wearing less clothes and more time outdoors with my wine, I’m already missing my favourite season, autumn.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

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You know how they say that once you stop believing in coincidence, your life starts making so much sense? Well, something stalked the heck out of me on my social medias until I gave in and the results have been beautiful.

Love At First Mic

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If you’d asked me in high school what I wanted to do after I finished, my list of possible career paths would’ve included fashion design, forensic sciences or media… the very last resort being running off into the sunset with a really wealthy Italian man for a career as a housewife. My love for storytelling has never died down, even when my dreams of what I wanted to become changed.

Letter of The Month

Letter of the Month

Dear Smile-keepers,

I really felt ready to come back the last time I spoke to you all after my little blogging break.  I was certain everything was back on track and I’d really love to blame Mercury going retrograde but, July was my toughest month of an otherwise beautiful 2019. I had mental breakdown after mental breakdown, I strayed from my spirituality as a result, choosing to wallow in my negative emotions and close myself off to actually facing my internal struggles… I was a mess.