Go For Gold

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I read a tweet this morning about how there are 50 or so days to go until the end of the year… time flew, didn’t it? just a few months ago, I was at a totally different place to where I am now and I think that’s the case for a lot of people—we’ve grown in some way.

Ending 23 On A High Note

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It was almost 10pm when I wrote this last night and I was meant to be working on an assignment (well, I was but my internet was slow so I figured, ‘why not type a post about how excited I am for my birthday coming up?’).

Letter of the Month

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Dear Smile-keepers,

Spring has sprung on this side of the world and as much as I’m excited about warm weather, rain, wearing less clothes and more time outdoors with my wine, I’m already missing my favourite season, autumn.

Letter of The Month

Letter of the Month

Dear Smile-keepers,

I really felt ready to come back the last time I spoke to you all after my little blogging break.  I was certain everything was back on track and I’d really love to blame Mercury going retrograde but, July was my toughest month of an otherwise beautiful 2019. I had mental breakdown after mental breakdown, I strayed from my spirituality as a result, choosing to wallow in my negative emotions and close myself off to actually facing my internal struggles… I was a mess.

7 Things To Remember When You Feel Stuck


Often times, giving up feels like the best option. You’ve tried numerous times to make something work, you invested money, time and emotions you can never get back but it doesn’t seem like you’re moving forward. It’s happened to me. There are plenty of occasions that I’ve poured my sweat and tears into something that I really wanted to make a success out of… but nothing. And when everyone you know is easily attaining everything they want, feeling like total crap is the only way to go, right? No!

Letter of the Month

Letter of the Month

Dear Smile-keepers,

We’ve gone through yet another month of this new year and we’re actually making progress! I hope you’ve found it in you to get started on at least one of your year’s goals. Personally, I’m moving steady but most of my goals are covered so far. If you’re still struggling to set or even get started on your goals, here is a blog post I’d shared earlier this year about manifesting your goals. I hope it gets you through this month with a much better and easier approach to your future.

How I Manifested Love (In Time For Valentine’s Day)

Law of Attraction 101

You’re probably sighing deeply from the title because you’re either a sceptic when it comes to love and/ or the Law of Attraction and you’ve already emotionally prepared yourself for another lonely Valentine’s Day, or you’re simply curious and want to give this a shot, or find out if this is click bait because maybe it turns out, when you get to the end of this post, that I’ll be sitting on my couch this year, once again, snuggled up with my mom while we watch some of her favourite TV shows like it’s another ordinary night, only this time, I bought loads of chocolate.