Letter of the Month

Letter of the Month

Dear Smile-Keepers,

We’re finally at the end of the year! All the things we once stressed so much about in 2019 have (hopefully) gone away and we’re (hopefully) at a point where we’re able to realise that things aren’t forever… nothing is more important than right now.

This Chapter Feels Beautiful

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Every year since I was little, we hardly celebrated my birthday at my house. The last party my mom threw for me, I remember I was around 8 and my only guests were my best friend at the time and her mom. My mom had bought loads of snacks and balloons, and about 3 outfits for me to change into throughout the day, and because this was before the smart phone era, she’d also hired a photographer for the day. When I turned 15, I spent my birthday in the UK with a family that hosted my throughout my year abroad and I got loads of gifts (and money) and was taken out to watch a Harry Potter film at the theatre before going out to dinner.

Against The Current

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It’s just after 1am on the eve of my birthday and I’m listening to Kid Ink’s No Strings while multi-tasking—I’m going through Pinterest so I can make a collage for my Instagram feed. I’m hoping this is the prelude mood for what’s to come when I turn 24 because I am so at peace—I’m happy and in my element and I’m smiling!

Go For Gold

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I read a tweet this morning about how there are 50 or so days to go until the end of the year… time flew, didn’t it? just a few months ago, I was at a totally different place to where I am now and I think that’s the case for a lot of people—we’ve grown in some way.

Letter of the Month

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Dear Smile-keepers,

November has to be my ultimate favourite month because it’s my birthday month (I spend so much time defending this month to people who say its ‘useless’ because everyone just wants to skip to December after October whoops their butts). I always look forward to becoming a year older… I don’t know what it is about ‘growing up’ that excites me but I’m guessing it has to do with reflecting on my past year and setting goals for my growth in the upcoming year.

What’s Been Going On

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Hey loves!

College has me by the throat– that’s the summary of what’s been going on… but I’m excited to say that I’m nearing the end and my most stressful module is done with for the rest of 2019 (I just submitted the assignment and I feel as free as a bird… with only 2 more assignments to finish off).

And Exhale

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I think I took about two blogging breaks back to back from June/ July. During that time, I had a lot on my plate regarding family, and I also found myself experiencing panic/ anxiety attacks from the things I’d buried inside instead of dealt with, along with my college work load and the worry about not graduating on time.