Valentino Ready-To-Wear Fall/ Winter 2019/ 2020


Valentino strikes again with yet another breath taking collection and this time, my inner amateur aesthete was swooning. From the comfort of my bed, popcorn made, tea cup cooling off slightly from my night stand while the thunder hummed outside, promising Johannesburg some much needed rainfall, I watched this beautiful fashion show on YouTube (in my imagination, I was actually front row so…) to bring you this blog post about my first impression of this collection.


Trend Obsession: Model Eyebrows


The evolution of eyebrows has been wild over the last few decades, in all honesty. I went from watching my mom pluck all her brows off only to draw them back on as tadpoles when I was a child, to having my daughter watch me tweeze mine and fuss over an eyebrow powder pellet which had its wax almost running out, add to that, being low on my MAC concealer and having to find a way to make it give me proper coverage (on my lazy days) to give me a freshly tweezed look as I try and find the day’s perfect eyebrow shape because mine don’t even try to be identical (some days are for bad bitch high arches and other days… well, I try).