The Amateur Aesthete: “Fallen Angel” by Alexandre Cabanel


My first encounter of this 1847 painting was on Twitter towards the end of 2018. I follow a number of art and fashion Twitter accounts and because I spend a lot of time on social media (shame on me, right?), I see a lot of beautiful posts but none of them had ever stood out to me the way this particular painting has.

The Amateur Aesthete


Welcome to the newest segment of my blog!

When Lydia Smiles is all about the things that make me happy, the things that I love—the things that make me Lydia— which I want to share with you! I’ve been getting the hang of blogging over the last few months and while I love writing about my spiritual journey, positivity and the Law of Attraction, those aren’t the only things that make me smile. Art forms a big part of who I am as a creative. I’m pedantic about my Instagram layout (which is pretty much themed and features a few collages which I spent a good portion of my day putting together for uploading), I love a good aesthetic on pretty much anything, I’m a sucker for detail and a good story and I love me some artwork (especially Renaissance artworks) and that what this is about.