Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

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You know how they say that once you stop believing in coincidence, your life starts making so much sense? Well, something stalked the heck out of me on my social medias until I gave in and the results have been beautiful.

A few weeks ago, this video about how this woman used a mirror to manifest $22 000 kept popping up on my YouTube feed and I kept ignoring it for some reason, over three times I kept seeing it, if I’m correct. Then, after getting out of the rut I was in, I decided to get on Facebook for the only reason I still have that social media account active—I went to check the activity in a Law of Attraction group which has always been my reason for a good day. Almost everyone was going on about this technique they’d discovered through this woman whose video I kept scrolling past when it popped up on YouTube. At this point I realised this was something I probably had to check out (my angels probably started celebrating my realisation lol) so I watched the video.

Mirror work, to sum it up, is basically a manifestation/ healing technique that people use sometimes to get themselves to believe certain things about themselves or to simply talk to themselves in a really powerful way. Looking into your own eyes to say “I love you”, for example, has far more power than just saying it to yourself in passing because the eyes are the windows to the soul so, essentially, mirror work is communication with your soul.

It will feel silly at first, I can guarantee that… but I’ve been standing in front of mirrors to talk to myself since I was a child so it wasn’t so bad when I started doing this with intention.

My goal here was to start fully loving myself and get myself to believe the good that people say about me

I started giving myself morning pep talks in front of the bathroom mirror to up my confidence and to set the tone for the rest of the day:

“Lydia, you’re beautiful; you’re smart, you’re happy and at peace with where you are right now. Look at you! You’re radiating elegance and poise and people are so drawn to you and you don’t even have to try. When you speak, people want to listen; when you enter a room, people want to stare. You’re so good at what you do, you do all your passions with ease and everyone loves it! They love your energy, they love your ideas, they love your voice… they love YOU. Today, you will prove yourself beyond imagination and you will own the day. Today, you will embody the version of yourself you used to dream of becoming, because you are her right now. Today is your day. Today is the best day ever for you.”


I then moved on to complimenting myself in front of the mirror as I got ready to leave the house (yeah, I have a giant mirror in my room as well. Love it):

“Lydia, you have such beautiful, flawless and clear skin. Your body is exactly what you’ve been working on making it—slim and healthy—it’s beautiful. Look at your complexion and how it pops! My goodness, you have such gorgeous legs. Stretch marks? What stretch marks? Your body is smooth and radiant and everyone can see it. You are as perfect as you could possibly be. You are the best version of you today. Werk it!”

Sometimes I’d say some affirmations in front of the mirror if time permitted, but my favourite thing to do with mirror work is set intentions:

“This week, you’re getting good news every day, and by the end of this week, you’ll be getting a pleasant surprise, Lydia. Today, everyone is going to notice your radiance. You have contagious, positive energy that people are naturally drawn to. You attract so much good and abundance into your daily life, it’s amazing!”

The second day of me doing this was last Monday. I’d stood in front of the mirror on Sunday morning to look myself in the eyes and give myself a pep talk and set that intention about getting good news, and on Monday morning after repeating this, I got ready in front of my mirror and showered myself with genuine compliments… I was sure to add some affirmations about my radio presenting/ news broadcasting skills because I’d previously taken a bit too long to warm up to the mic and my lecturer wanted me to work on that. I winged it without even trying, when I got to campus to broadcast! I sat behind the mic and naturally read my news bulletin and I left campus feeling so accomplished that day. I then went to Starbucks for some down-time before heading home and I met two people who genuinely wanted to talk to me and connect beyond the couches in the coffee shop, and on my way home, I got a random compliment from a man who was on his way to the bus station too, and it wasn’t creepy at all; it was the most innocent “you’re so beautiful” I’d heard from a stranger in a while.

I’ve started using mirror work to heal myself and unblock my subconscious blockages. I’ve started telling myself how sorry I am for not trying or how sorry I am for saying negative things to or about myself when I wasn’t up to facing the day. I’ve started telling myself that I’m sorry for responding to negative things other people have said about me, and for taking it personally when I did good and someone took advantage of me. I’ve started using mirror work to tell myself how much I love myself—I name and point out my flaws in front of the mirror and tell myself that I accept them because they make me who I am; I’ve also started telling myself, at the end of each day, how proud I am for doing my best, for trying or for simply finding it in me to get out of bed and be part of the world that day.

It got emotional when I did the personal apology thing because I realised how much I was responsible for damaging myself. Sometimes you think you’re joking about yourself but in actuality, you’re hurting yourself. The only time you might truly realise how hurt you’ve actually been, is when you stand in front of a mirror to say “I realise now what I said and I didn’t mean it. I’m truly sorry; you didn’t deserve that from me”. These ‘jokes’ we say about ourselves or these negative thoughts we have when we compare ourselves to other people are the exact things that hurt us when other people refer to us as such. You might joke that you’re ugly or stupid and think you’ve ‘accepted’ that this is who you are, but notice how you react when someone else, in an argument or in passing as a ‘joke’ labels you the same. It hurts even more, doesn’t it? Because you’ve scarred your spirit and you hate to have someone confirm what you’ve subconsciously drilled into your head.

Give mirror work a try, at least to build your confidence, to start with. Take a moment each morning to smile at yourself after brushing your teeth and just say “I love you” to your reflection or “I truly believe you’re beautiful”. Say it over and over every morning until you start to believe it. Use the mirror to apologise to yourself or use it to reassure yourself that you’re doing your best.

My favourite thing about this technique is how I get to look into my own eyes as I get real with myself. It feels almost like I’m hearing the rawest truth from someone I really love and they have the heart to face me about my BS but also encourage me to try again or remind me of my worth. Mirror work is like giving yourself advice and, because only you know what you’re really going through and how you really feel, only you can be that honest with yourself. You know where your heart’s aches and pains are; tend to them for just two minutes every morning (or evening too if you want) and notice the small changes in your daily life.

It’s proven fact that the outside world will always react/ respond to you in whichever manner you subconsciously pervcieve yourself. Use your mirror to change your narrative and watch the world around you conform to your energy. If you start to believe in your beauty/ creativity/ voice/ work ethic—if you start to see and believe in your own worth—and you consistently look into your own eyes before leaving the house and speak all of this unto yourself, everyone around you will have no choice but to sway. You literally get back the energy you put out. I said it will feel silly at first but the beauty of it is that only you get to know that you’re doing it and that’s as hard as it gets. It’s an intimate practice with beautiful results that I’m sure will make the silliness of talking to yourself in front of a mirror feel worth it. I’m only a little over a week into this and even my classmates say there’s something new about me (these are people I barely talk to, by the way). So imagine!

You are literally the only person standing between the current version of you and the version of you that you daydream about becoming.



4 thoughts on “Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

  1. I will give this a go, I have to say I avoid mirrors like the plague when I’m not doing my makeup or skincare so maybe this will help me. You’ll know it worked if you see a similar blog post from me in a months time 😂

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    1. please tweet me the link once you’ve written about it. I’m sure it’ll work out great for you. my tip is to just give yourself compliments as you do your makeup and skin care routines (especially your skin care routine, just to get yourself to fall in love with yourself when you’re not in makeup). All the best!

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