When Lydia: Reboots



It feels so strange sitting in front of my laptop to write out a blog post after months of being away. I tried to come back in June but my schedule got the better of me and I think

I owe you all an apology for that (but I’d also like to thank you for bearing with me). The last few months have been quite something; I went from having deep fights with my mother to having a surprisingly open and peaceful relationship with her after standing up for myself to her, I had to adjust to not having my best friend around anymore after she’d moved to an entirely different city, college got in the way for a moment and then I had to start an internship as part of my graduation requirement. I also started a YouTube channel which is my biggest focus of all my social media endeavours (please subscribe!).

Okay, since all of that’s out the way, how about a fresh ‘hello, loves!’ to properly start this post on a loving, positive note? I’ve missed this space and my connection with all of you and I hope you’ve all been doing well. I’ve been okay, as I’ve explained formerly, but I do feel like I have a lot more to offer in terms of content, due to how things have played out in my life since before my latest Letter of The Month post; I feel like I’m ready to give When Lydia Smiles a little makeover!

When I started this blog, it was for me to write about the things that make me happy—the things that literally make me smile. Reading over some of my posts, I felt like I’d turning this baby into a spirituality space, more than a space for me to just be and share other aspects of myself with people from across the world. Don’t get me wrong, I am a spiritual person and that makes up a huge chunk of who I am… but I also have loads of opinions and thoughts on a bunch of things, I have a lot of interests too and would like to share that with you! I want to make When Lydia Smiles a better reflection of me and I’m asking you to allow me to try do that. Change is scary, especially since I’d gotten so comfortable writing all the things I did previously, but it’s not entirely going the way I’d envisioned when I first thought to create my little corner on the internet.

Let’s start over, shall we?

My name is Lydia Madumo-Marumo and I’m a 23-year-old South African woman (feels weird referring to myself as that and not ‘girl’. Whoa). I was raised by a single mom, made a few stupid decisions in my life and became a mom myself at the age of 20. Stupid decision quickly became the greatest blessing of my life. After taking a year off my whole life to raise a baby, I started college at 21 with the idea that I wanted to become a journalist since writing and story-telling always came so easily to me. In my first year of college, I failed journalism on my first go at it (I rewrote the assignment that humbled me and passed it though) and that swayed me in the direction of radio production which surprisingly felt as easily as breathing to me. Realising that I could do this radio stuff in my sleep, I fell in love with it and decided that that would be my life’s direction… Unfortunately, I have some crazy, huge dreams and having one career never felt like my type of thing. As a little girl, I got into a lot of trouble for cutting up my mom’s clothes to make outfits for the one Barbie doll my mom had gotten me. Fashion design became one of my dreams from as young as 6, I think, I also spent my free time writing short stories for myself since my mom was never the type to read bed time stories to her kids so I’d decided then that one day, I would have some books on sale at some stores around the world. When I grew up, I fell in love with stories in music and films, discovered I have a couple super-powers—connecting with spirits, seeing the future, manifesting things that I’ve written down (whether it be for actual manifestations or by accident while writing one of my little stories) and then I figured, since I was crowned the most entertaining in my class when I was in grade 12, why not finally give the entertainment thing a proper go and start a YouTube channel (after 2 solid years of stalling and talking myself out of trying)? There is obviously more to me than what’s in this one paragraph but I feel like this is what this blog is meant to be about… right?

Every time I engage in blog conversations on Twitter, my go-to advice/ opinion is for new bloggers to write whatever feels easy and natural to them. I’m still finding my feet with a lot of things but nothing comes more naturally to me than talking about me. I don’t know where this sudden idea to flip the switch came from (at 23:50 the night before this is up on my blog), but my time off blogging while dealing with life has taught me to flow. Here is my new (maybe even ‘initial’) plan for this space regarding my content:


Since this is one of the topics I really enjoy talking about and exploring, I will continue to have posts up on the blog about it—new Law of Attraction techniques I’ve personally tried and tested to help you out in whichever way, my tips on how to be a ‘better’ spiritual person, my struggles in my faith, my discoveries (which I hope never freak you out)… all that peaceful, Zen-like stuff!


I’d like to have one art post up every month until I find my confidence with talking about art on my blog. It’s something that I enjoy doing, talking about and looking at art, and this is basically one of the things I’m into that I think could pretty much tell a lot about me and how I view things so it’s worth keeping up, I feel.

Opinions and experiences:

I don’t feel like I gave much of myself in this regard in previous blog posts. I think that this could be the perfect root of my blog since this is a space I created for me to be myself and talk about the things that make me tick. I feel like sharing my opinions and personal experiences could help relate me to any one of you and help us have a better connection beyond this space. At the end of the day, my goal (particularly when I came up with the idea to blog) is to have you feeling like you know a bit more about me after reading a post.


These are my favourite to write about so they’re here to stay!

The Weekly Thanks:

In order for me to be able to focus on the other things I’d like to have on my blog, I’ll be doing monthly ‘Thanks’ posts instead. These will be more detailed too, so that satisfies me. I’d also like to use this part of my blog to set goals for the coming month instead of having separate Goal blog posts.

What Else?:

I’m getting into reading again so you can expect some book reviews every now and then. I’d also like to share small things with you like my favourite discoveries which could vary from music to topics relating to my home, Johannesburg (or South Africa entirely).

Basically, the makeover for my blog is just to make it more personal. Not much is changing but I felt like it was necessary for me to go back and look at what my dream for this blog was and how I could keep my content aligned with that in order to make myself happy. Since a happy blogger automatically means better content, I really hope you stick around for what I have planned because I’m excited.

Happy new Month and hello again!

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