Letter of the Month

Letter of the Month

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Dear Smile-keepers,

After taking some time off of blogging, I am back and I am better! 

These last few weeks were honestly draining to me, not only in the physical and mental senses due to my studies and my exams, but in the emotional sense due to some very personal reasons which, in turn, affected my spirituality for a good minute until I decided I wanted my life back on track. 

Recently, a lot of wonderful things have happened to me and they’ve uplifted my faith and outlook on my life, reminding me that there is always a rainbow after a storm. I’ve reconnected with an old high school acquaintance who came into my life again in the most ‘coincidental’ way for a beautiful friendship, I’ve found ways to connect with my angels and spirit guides for steadiness in my daily life, I’ve reworked my affirmations to help me conquer each day and set a foundation for my dream life, I’ve gotten back into the swing of writing for fun as part of my year’s resolutions, and I started a YouTube channel where I get to have fun and be myself while sharing my opinions on fashion topics as well as on spirituality and pretty much anything else that makes me tick (you’re guaranteed a laugh or a smile, so please subscribe!). 

I’ve done a lot of reflecting over the events of my life in 2019 and as much as I could’ve chosen to complain and whine and totally give up, I looked over the good and I’m so grateful to be able to say that in each month of this year, I have manifested something major! Despite the hurdles and obstacles in my life, my decision to feel my emotions, accept defeat but pick myself up each time for the greater good has kept me aligned with my desires and has allowed me to tick off a good number of items off my year’s vision board. 

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In the month of June as I get comfortable during my college break, I want to help each one of you out in some way. Whether you could do with a reminder of your capabilities and the fact that you’re never in any situation alone, or if you’d like to be reminded of how awesome you are—how beautiful, how confident you could be… I will be here for you. I am dedicating the month of June to a fresh start—setting foundations for the smooth-sailing of the rest of 2019 because it’s never too late in the year to take control of your life. I think that after what’s happened to me in April and May alone, I have a good deal of advice and tips to share with you to keep you floating when the waves of your life become unruly. 

Thank you for your patience with me in my blogging absence. I wish you all a fruitful month ahead. 

Lots of love, 


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