Help From The Other Side


When I was a child, I used to have this reoccurring dream about myself flying in this beautiful, very green garden of some sort with someone I’d never met in awakened life. I can’t tell you if they were a boy or a girl, but they held my hand whenever I had this dream, to ensure I wouldn’t fall into the river below where sometimes, crocodiles were swimming in the clearest of waters.

I also had this encounter each time we’d move houses, that a man in this very white suit would walk into our new home and it was always too late to see his face because by the time I’d gotten a glimpse of his shoes and trousers, he’d already moved to another room. My mom was with a friend and I was playing with my dolls in another room when I saw this for the first time. I’d seen this man in white from my peripherals as he’d walked into my mom’s bedroom (where I’d always insisted on sleeping despite having my own), so I ran to find my mom to tell her we had an intruder and she and her friend turned the house upside-down looking for someone they couldn’t physically find. When he moved into our next home with us, my mom then understood what was going on so she celebrated with me, rather than tell me I was imagining things, unlike the first time.

Angels are beautiful, divine beings who we most likely learned about at church or in school (if you went to a religious one). I first heard about Gabriel in pre-school during a story-book session and I remember being so drawn to the story, my teacher wrote about my attention and love for these biblical stories in one of my reports. Something about Angels just warms my heart and I even remember saying, as a child, that I wanted to be one when I grew up.

Many people have different ideas of what an Angel is or should look like. For me, I’ve seen one in a suit, as I’ve mentioned, I’ve seen them in the traditional white robe and halo in my dreams as a child, and I’ve seen one dressed in a black trench coat at my best friend’s house a year before she lost her life to meningitis. Some people believe that Angels can be real life people and other people… well, it’s okay not to believe at all. My personal belief is a mixture of everything: they can come in whatever shape or form to do their job as protector and guide-giver to us especially during the hardest of times. Often times, they come to us in forms which are familiar to us and resonate with love, so not to freak us out or scare us when they do appear.

This blog post was inspired by two things: Emma Mumford who made a video about Archangels, and my recent moment of nearly giving up on myself and my chosen life path. Sometimes, as humans, we do our best to take the strain of life off our shoulders but it’s only natural to feel like we need some extra help from the spiritual realm. I have a lot of divine beings that I call upon during my hardest times (even just to say “thank you”), and these include God, my ancestors and recently, the Angels that have found their way to me to say that they are here to help too.

Over the last two weeks or so, I’ve been feeling down and out of place in my daily life, mainly due to my studies and the mental and emotional toll they’ve started taking on me. I’ve been beating myself up and my perfectionist ways had dragged me into a pit of regret and almost defeat and that’s what this post is mainly about. Well, that and Angels, obviously.

When I enrolled into media college to better learn about my love for radio and other media practices (such as media law and recently, sound engineering), the last thing I expected was to have accounting thrown at me (yeah, it still makes no sense to me and that’s why we’re here). The last time I had to use a calculator was over 4 years ago and the last time I was forced to do any accounting calculations was almost 10 years ago. After high school, I’d accepted and started embracing that I am a creative and that’s what I’m here for… and then I got to my final year of college and felt like I was reduced to stupid because of one module. Suddenly, I was questioning my entire decision to study media and started weighing out my losses and all the people I’d disappoint (mainly myself) if I decided not to return to college after one exam that made me feel like I wasn’t smart at all. I can’t tell you the last time I had more than one meal since my exam or when I’d stayed up late like I usually did to binge watch a series with my best friend or just stay up late to chat because that’s been our tradition ever since she moved in: I go to college, come home in the evening and have/ make dinner with her and then we watch something together to laugh and talk about because it makes us happy. I started skipping meals and going to bed as early as 7pm to avoid thinking about college.

It dawned on me about 3 days ago that this was the reason my behaviour had changed. I thought I’d buried my stress the day after my exam when my best friend treated me to Starbucks but this had taken a toll on my spirituality too as I’d stopped meditating and praying and just left myself to deal with my own issues. When I spoke to my best friend about why I wasn’t back at school on the day I was meant to be (we had a week’s break after our exams), I think that’s the exact moment that I opened myself up to receiving help from outside myself.

The day that I’d vocalised my worries to my best friend, she went and secretly sent me an energetic ball of healing light which she told me about later on that day and that explained why I’d suddenly gotten the motivation to focus on writing a fictional story I’ve had drafted on my laptop since April 2018. She’d also encouraged me to meditate and call upon the Archangel Raphael and in the meditation, I was shown the number 2200 in the form of time in a dream I woke up in panic from because I’d thought I’d dosed off for real until 22:00 that day. Since then, I’ve been flooded with angel numbers and yesterday’s experience, though small, lifted my mood and had me wanting to share with you some angels to call upon in your times of need and encouragement.

Angels communicate best with us through numbers. I wrote a blog post about the ways in which the Universe speaks with us in case you’d like to have a look. Yesterday, I was bombarded by numbers comprising of ones and threes (13:13, 133, 1333) and I eventually got to the point of looking up the meaning online. Low and behold, my Angels were sending me messages of support and love, telling me to give my worries unto them and that they were sending me positive vibes throughout the day to get me back on track with my spirituality. I also had my second experience with an orb when I took to bed (my second adult experience). Google said that the white colour of it was representative of the Archangel Raphael.

Apart from the Archangels, there are 72 others who we’ve been blessed with to help us with literally anything we could ever need help with as human beings. Most times, numbers are the easiest way for them to reach out to us with, but with a bit of work, some of these Angels might find you in many other ways if you’d just open yourself up for communication. Here is a list of six wonderful Angels you might feel drawn to call upon (a few of which I wish I’d called upon myself):

If you’re looking to understand a situation that is weighing heavy on you, Lelahel is the Angel for you. He gives loving and healing light and helps us look within for more knowledge and wisdom. He also brings happiness and fortune and is said to hold the mirror of the soul which helps us want to change for the better when we get into the place of self-reflection.

If you’re looking for protection, Heheuiah is your Angel. He’s said to be the Angel of police officers, soldiers, lawyers and judges so if that’s your career field, he’s your guy. He warns us of danger and protects against thieves, murderers, evil forces and spells, bewitchment and harmful creatures. He can also teach you to listen to your intuition!

If you’re looking to fall pregnant, call upon Omael. This Angel not only helps with that, but he’s said to be an expert at helping you develop and materialise your dreams and wishes, and inspires productivity for whichever life projects you may take on. He’s also a healer and an energy giver for your lowest days.

The Angel Nanael is one for spiritual communication. He inspires us to start spiritual works such as meditation and helps us learn more about spiritual teachings. If you’re starting a spiritual journey in your life, he’s the one for you. He will facilitate your communication with God/ Source and teach you to appreciate moments of solitude, all while filling you with love.

Since the year is pretty much still in its ‘new’ phase, the Angel Aniel will help you break old patterns or habits if there are any you wished to leave in 2018. While teaching us fundamental lessons about reaping what we sow, this Angel also fills us with new ideas which can help us get out of our old habits; he helps us change our mentality, purifies negative memories (which can often be traumatic memories) and liberates us from negative emotions.

If you’re going through a difficult time in your life, simply wish to break from addictive or obsessive behaviour or need help with your emotional outbursts, call upon the Angel Ieiazel. He brings peace and harmony into our lives and is also the patron of reading, writing, music and the arts and teaches you how to control your passions too!

There are a lot of places online that you can look into to find the whole list of Angels and Archangels to help you through. My favourite websites to visit when I get communication from the Universe from my Angels is this Mirror Hour site, and for further clarification on who my Angels are, I visit Guardian Angel Guide or the Spiritual Experience site.

Like I said, excluding the Archangels, there are 72 other angels we can ask for help from. That’s all you have to do when you feel there’s nothing more you can do: ask.

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8 thoughts on “Help From The Other Side

    1. I haven’t but I’ll search for it to have a read. I think it starts with stating that you’re open to getting these experiences. Once I said out loud that I wanted more of these experiences, I got more and it’s been delightful. I’d love to see one in ‘human’ form but I suppose they don’t want to freak me out yet so all I see are orbs lately 😅

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      1. I have tried stating that I would like to see Angels, but I think a part of me would get a bit freaked out too, so maybe that’s why it has never happened! Maybe I should intend to see orbs first instead!


      2. Orbs are tricky because one moment they’re there and then you blink and it’s like “okay maybe that didn’t happen”. It helps to go with your intuition; if it feels like you saw one, trust it, otherwise you overanalyse and then they stop showing up because you don’t have faith 😄 ask for feathers for starters. Be as specific as “show me a white feather when you’re around”. That should be less creepy. Once you get comfortable with the feathers, you can ask for orbs

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