The Weekly Thanks

The Weekly Thanks

Look who’s back from a short blogging break!

I had a lot of school work to focus on previously and, after an accounting exam, I thought a break would do me a world of good. I’m well rested, feeling much better in spirit and I have so much content to send your way this month… but first, my highlights from the past two weeks:

  • My biggest thank you to the Universe is for my new baby who I manifested with my Magic Jar!

I know what my wish on that green piece of paper says (“rose gold“) but, in my magic jar’s defence, those two words were honestly an after-thought. Days later I went back to that wish and threw the specific colour on but the Universe didn’t respond to that request, obviously. Maybe my desire for a rose gold Mac wasn’t as strong as my desire for “any Mac”.

  • My best friend came back from her visit to her mom’s and it’s been Starbucks trips on Starbucks trips ever since lol. We also made some new friends there, that’s how you know we’ve been there frequently.

My favourite Starbucks aesthetic of all the ones I took on the day

  • I’m on a week’s break from college after my exam/ assignment submission week (I’m very grateful for that!). So far, it’s been all about me editing my first YouTube video and setting up my channel, sleeping late and waking up late and rewatching my all-time favourite series, Scandal. Bliss!

Not a lot happened these past two weeks but I’ve been in a very happy place. I’m excited to be back on the blogging scene and can’t wait to share a lot of amazing content with you all once again. Thank you for being patient with me.


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