Letter of The Month

Letter of the Month

Dear Smile-keepers,

We’ve made it to yet another month and I’m honestly very thrilled to be free of my college stress for at least a few weeks to get back into the swing of blogging and focusing my energy on my other passions.

College aside, March was a wonderful month for me in the aspect of my spirituality. There are at least three out-of-this-world experiences I had last month that changed me which I wish to share with you soon but, for now I want to give the month of April the theme of dedication.

We can only move from point A to point B if we dedicate ourselves. These two points may be different in meaning for each one of you reading this letter; you might want to have better control over your health, be a better employee or start your own hustle, maybe you simply want to be a
better parent, a better content creator or a better student… whatever it is, this month is exactly for you. Your dedication this month may be towards your health by means of being active or eating better, your passions by actively working on improving your skills in those fields,
loving yourself by starting to appreciate the stories your flaws tell of you, or your everyday life by choosing to generally be a better person than you were last year, last month, last week or even yesterday. Dedication isn’t an automatic end-of-the-race win but it is a win in the fact that you’re working a little harder than before and you’re actually focused on getting to the next point in your life.

This month’s theme was inspired by my 30 Day Yoga Challenge which I’ve tried to be consistent with, with the help of YouTube’s Yoga with Adriene. It wasn’t an easy 30 days and I won’t lie and say I did all 30 days of the yoga challenge but, the days that I did go through with my intention to get into yoga, I enjoyed and felt at peace with. Honestly, the days that I partook in the challenge were nothing short of a personal challenge (but definitely blissful) but I was in control from the moment I rolled out my yoga mat in the morning before my classes, up until I laid my head on my pillow at the end of the day to visualise the greater goals of my life as I drifted to sleep. Dedication puts you in control and reminds you that no matter how hard the boat rocks, as long as your hands are on the wheel and your eyes are on your desired destination, you are on your way no matter what.

This month will be amazing for you. Why?

You are in control!

I’m dedicating the month of April to my spirituality because March was just the beginning of these amazing beyond-words experiences for me which I plan to have a better grip on before I can share them with you. I am dedicating the month to meditation, more yoga, mindfulness, prayer, kindness, love, growth and happiness in the smaller things overall. What are you dedicating your time and energy to this month? Perhaps it’s something you wish to let go of: dedication to quitting a bad habit and replacing it with a much healthier one? Perhaps dedicate the month to happiness and seeing the world around you with childlike eyes— seeing the world as your very bright, very beautiful playground that you are in charge of? How about dedicating the month to just breathing if you generally stress a lot or feel you have a tight grip on life already. Whatever it is, Adriene’s 30 Day Yoga Challenge taught me one

Dedication is about taking things a day at a time

It doesn’t matter if, in all the 30 days of April, you only feel positive about 10 days of the whole month. It isn’t the number that matters, it’s simply
that you would have done a lot more with your energy in those 10 days than you’ve probably ever done in the first three months of this year combined.

May April shower you with amazing results for all the seeds you plant for your personal development. Just always remember what the greater picture is and take one step a day towards it with the intention that you can achieve whatever you set your mind to. You can do it! I believe in you.

Love, Lydia


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