Shhh The Universe Is Speaking

Law of Attraction 101

When I was growing up and my friends and I would find ourselves experiencing something a little strange, they were all quick to say “it’s a sign” and I took on that little phrase without a clue about what that actually meant.

In 2018 I learned, through practicing the Law of Attraction, that everything around you right now could actually be a sign to you if you’d just open your eyes or listen, and find its relevance to you. “You are always at the right place at the right time”, it’s said.

With some very personal examples, I’ve compiled a list of all the ways in which the Universe/God (or your Angels/ Spirit Guides) can or are communicating with you on a daily basis. I won’t lie, this sort of stuff excites me as I’m a pretty spiritual person. The thought of us being ‘exposed’ to supernatural beings and activity for our own good just warms my heart. It’s so crazy but equally as amazing to think that, while we’re spirits having a human experience, there really is no barrier between us and actual spiritual beings; we can communicate with them in various ways and they can too, if you’d just pay attention.

Synchronisation/ Synchronicities:

In layman’s terms, this can simply be déjà vu or “coincidence”. Whenever you speak about something or think about it and it pops up right in front of you like magic, that’s what this is. I’ve intended going to Paris this year and most times the thought crosses my mind, I’ll see the word “Paris” pop out of nowhere, or an image of the Eiffel Tower out of the blue. My favourite synchronisation story happened about three weeks ago. I’ve had this desire for months now to go on a date with my soul mate (who’ve I’ve already met in reality) at this lovely restaurant at this prestigious shopping centre in Johannesburg called Nelson Mandela Square. To give you an idea of how fancy this Square is, Sandton, where it’s located, is said to be the richest square mile in Africa. Inside the mall itself, one of the floors is dedicated only to designer stores such as Versace and Jimmy Choo, and the bathrooms on that floor offer hand towels and lotion and smell so amazing, unlike the ones
on the floors below. It’s fancy fancy. Anyway, I’ve desired having my first date with this man at one of the restaurants there and every time I visualise arriving at the Square, he’s all suited up and waiting for me on one of the outdoor benches across this water fountain feature with some flowers. Three weeks ago, I stood in that very location with a friend who was trying to connect to the nearby library’s Wi-Fi. While he stressed about the connection, I visualised again and it put a grin on my face to actually feel like I was in that very moment I desired since I was literally standing in the exact location. As I snapped out of my daydream and looked to one of the benches, a man who was a spitting image of my manifested man had just taken a seat there (dressed in a suit, can you
believe it?) to smoke! I couldn’t believe it!

Your ‘bright idea’/ Inspired action:

Another example of how the Universe speaks to us is in thoughts or “ideas”. One of my goals for the year is to start my clothing line and I’m manifesting funding to help me get it off the ground. My clothing line is really fancy— clean, feminine and inspired by Parisian lifestyle. When I talk about it, I affirm its success in the fashion industry and speak about how celebrities are going to flock to my boutiques for my creations. Well, the other day I’d just woken up from an afternoon nap when I suddenly got the ‘idea’ that I have to get into the flow of becoming the designer that I speak about becoming by actually getting to creating looks (daily, if possible) in order to attract help/ means to bring my dream to life. This is called inspired action. It’s this nagging feeling you get in your gut that something is such a great idea, it just has to be done. The last time I felt like this, I’d tossed and turned in bed after successfully getting to bed early for a good rest for classes the next day and I just had to sketch. I went to bed very satisfied in the early hours of the morning, my first collection put together on paper.


Have you ever had one part of a song stuck in your head or had the same song literally follow you around for ages? Then when you pay attention to the lyrics, you realise you relate or it’s exactly what you had to hear? While manifesting meeting Usher during the Global Citizen event, I’d taken to work at the night club he’d chosen to host the event’s after-party at, and I was certain that I’d meet him casually in the kitchen where I was most of the night. That whole day, the chorus to his song No Limit kept replaying in my head. That night, I learned that international celebrities don’t play. His security team instructed that whenever Usher needed to use the kitchen or pass through, it had to be evacuated of everyone (even the managers). I was pretty bummed out, to say the least. My one chance to say hi to my all-time celebrity crush was pretty much gone, right? No! The Universe literally had No Limit to the amount of possibilities lined up for me to manifest Usher acknowledging my existence. As fate had it, one of the waiters came rushing in while some of my co-workers and I were chilling in the kitchen and he needed an extra hand with an order. I was chosen before I could even volunteer and we navigated out way through the packed building to deliver some drinks to a table that was right next to the DJ booth where Usher was dancing. After putting everything down on the table, I had to watch Usher dance because “why not?”. He found me staring and smiling and he smiled back and winked at me. One of the girls next to me freaked out on my behalf while I processed what had just happened and, just like that, my 2018 was made.

Angel Numbers:

When you constantly see the exact same number over and over again, it’s time to look up its Angel number meaning because someone is trying to communicate with you. seeing repetitive numbers such as 111 (or 11:11, since that’s a popular one) or 444 simply has to do with your alignment or spiritual balance. Of course, these numbers have their own meanings too, but these types of numbers are a good sign of spiritual balance in your life. 444 is my special number because it follows me around whenever I feel worried about something that means a lot to me. It basically reassures me that my Angels have my back and everything is going as it should so I needn’t worry myself even if the circumstances look messy. Angel numbers will come to you in the form of time (11:11), in a dream if you randomly see/ hear a number in your dream, maybe as someone’s car registration number, on TV, on a billboard… my favourite number, and one which finds me often, is 2111. It’s so intense, I once saw it in a movie. One time my Angels gave it to me as the number of messages I had in various Whatsapp chats (21 messages from 11 chats)… there’s no limit. If you see it more than once, look into it and follow the guidance that your Angels advise you to.


Sometimes animals come to give us messages too. ever heard of Spirit Animals? Just like with numbers, Angels and spirits find it super easy to communicate with us in these two forms. Animals are more spirits than Angels but the idea is the same; you have to know something important. After meeting my soul mate and losing him unexpectedly (he’s very much alive, don’t worry!), I’d set the
intention to the Universe that I’d see a butterfly whenever I crossed his mind. Monarch butterflies became a symbol for him and I get stalked by these beauties almost daily, either in the form of images on social media, or in real life when I go out, they cling to me— it’s bizarre. When I decided to
start seeing other people as a way to distract myself from thinking about the love I lost, I began being stalked by dragonflies to remind me to take each day as it came— to live in the moment as I was being supported by my Angels. Look out for the most random animals/ insects that keep popping up in your life and research their spiritual meaning for some guidance. Butterflies have very
beautiful meanings, especially the white ones, so if you have those following you around, know that it’s most likely a loved one who’s passed away, who wants you to know that they’re here for you.


Pay attention to the conversations you have with people, especially during your hardest times. Sometimes the Universe sends people your way to say the exact thing you have to hear in order to help you heal/ carry on/ make your next move knowing you are supported. It may even be the silliest thing! Recently I went to the mall with one of my friends and there was this weird remake of the Mona Lisa that this stationery shop had put up for laughs. My friend asked me if I wanted to take a picture in front of it like Beyonce did at the Louvre and the fact that he mentioned the Louvre was a message to me about my alignment with my Paris desire which he knew absolutely nothing about because I hadn’t discussed Paris with him at any point up until then!

Social Media:

I like to think of Pinterest specifically as my ‘bag of bones’ (inspired by the traditional healers in Africa who throw bones to foretell the future). Whenever I really need a message, it often pops up on Pinterest and I never have to search these topics for them to find me. If I need to see a Monarch butterfly when I need to but I’m not outside to, it’ll randomly show up on my feed; I get Angel numbers on my feed, I get Arch Angel names and descriptions about the ones I need to pray to for the exact situation I might be going through, and recently, astronomy how-to’s have found their way to my feed after I’d intended at the start of the year that I wanted to learn to read astronomy signs and all that amazing star stuff. You’d be surprised how often social media is used by the spiritual realm to communicate with us and I think it’s funny that they’re adapting to our very digital times.

You can ask for any sign or ask for help in any way, you will get your answer if you just look a little closer. Most of my intentions or desires, I didn’t have to even repeat more than once to the Universe to get a response— you don’t even have to speak them out loud; a simple thought about it will do, just as long as your emotions weigh heavy on what you want the outcome to be or on why you want help/ a sign on something. Ultimately, that’s all that matters and that’s the only force that drives your Angels and/ or the Universe to act— how you feel. If you are feeling lost or hopeless, if you are feeling worthy or excited… you will be guided or answered.

Often times we’re blind to this because we hardly set aside 5 minutes to just breathe and clear our minds to open that communication channel between us and the spirit realm for help; we focus on our daily tasks and stress and that’s your day. We don’t stop to appreciate God’s creations just to step out of our human state for a millisecond, and we forget that stress clouds us and closes us off from communication. Just breathe today, for five minutes and pay attention to the things on your trip to work, school or wherever, and try and notice the little things you never paid attention to any other day. Your message might be there! For all you know, I might have been inspired to blog about this topic as a message to you to get you to open yourself up more for guidance.

There is no such thing as coincidence, loves. Remember that and your life will slowly begin to make more sense to you.

11 thoughts on “Shhh The Universe Is Speaking

  1. Music, angel numbers, spirit animals, and messages from others are the most common ways I get messages. As I read your post, I kept thinking that you were my messenger today, and then you communicated that very thought at the end of your post. There have been times when people I know say uncharacteristic things, and I know the message was sent down at the very time I needed it. Butterflies are common for me, too, and angels. My family and I like license plate-hunting for angel numbers. The more repeats, the better. I also love your idea of thoughts drawing things toward you. Thanking the Universe tends to draw things to me the fastest. The music lines that repeat are powerful, as well. Lyrics in a song were jumping out to me today, and I love when the line gets stuck in my head. You would love Kyle Gray. Think about checking out his work with angels. 👼

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ll definitely look into Kyle Gray, thanks.
      I had this bizarre experience last month… my mom turns on the radio every morning as she gets ready for work and I get up shortly after her for college. This radio station had the same morning playlist for four days straight, the same song playing at the exact moment I stepped out of my room 😄 when I eventually caught on that it was a message, the proceeded with a new playlist the next day. It’s amazing!
      Also, I’m so happy I posted this for you ❤ thank you for this lovely comment

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  2. Love this! I see 11:11 all the time and I frequently see deer ever since I intended to see one last July, so I guess that is a spirit animal for me!


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