The Weekly Thanks

The Weekly Thanks

I’ve made it through another week and I’m here, once again, to inspire you to see the good and beautiful in the upcoming week.

This week wasn’t packed with activity or much to look forward to but there was some good in it nonetheless. These are my week’s highlights:

  • My blog is starting to do really well and I’m proud of myself (yet again) for my small victories. Only 11 days into February and I’ve already beat my entire January stats. That’s very telling of the work and love I put into what I post and I’m so thankful that all my readers can feel that when they read my blog content.
  • I don’t often talk about my little girl but she’s my sunshine and I will admit, most times I’ve looked at her cute little face and wished that my mom could’ve had some modelling dreams for me when I was her age. She often mimics how I take my selfies and wants to do her makeup like I do so I figured that a photoshoot would do her a world of good someday. Thankfully, her father was on the same page and booked her a shoot to my surprise which she thoroughly enjoyed and that made me so happy that she got to experience that. She loved it so much, she didn’t want to change out of her shoot clothes until it was bed time. This shoot allowed me to bond with my angel and realised we have a lot in common, even at her little age of 3.
  • As my college break officially comes to an end, I feel thankful for the rest and free time I’ve had since October 2018. I’ve been very productive in bringing one of my dreams (my blog) to life and I’ve enjoyed my time as a couch potato in between travelling.
  • Regarding my blog once again, I’m extremely thankful for the feedback I’ve been getting for my love manifestation blog post. I think it’s my favourite blog post thus far so, thank you to everyone who’s read it and had some amazing feedback to give.
  • Ooh, before I forget! I’d thrown into my magic jar an intention to manifest friendship with one of my favourite local talents and I’m thankful for our frequent Instagram interaction. He’s such an angel, even in person, and the fact that he never hesitates to respond to my comments on his pictures or his DMs when I say hello is heart warming because I feel like my manifestation is on its way. I think this is top 3 of things to be grated for this weeks, if I’m being honest.

This coming week is going to be a rush for me as I start getting back into the swing of being a college student again and I’m very nervous about it as a lot is expected of me as I’m in my final year of my studies. I’m hoping to have a lot to talk about in next week’s Weekly Thanks so please cross fingers for me.

I’m wishing you all a beautiful week ahead, packed with positivity, productivity and love.

Thank you for reading!

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