Law of Attraction 101: Affirmations

Law of Attraction 101

One of my recent blog posts had to do with how thoughts become things. A lot of people don’t realise the power of words so I thought to speak about affirmations as one of the other ways in which you can quickly manifest whatever you want (while also making use of methods such as visualisation and gratitude).

Affirming something is simply telling yourself a few things to get your subconscious mind to eventually believe it. I once read a quote on Instagram that said,

“Your mind believes everything you tell it, so why not tell it that you are smart and beautiful?”

The subconscious mind absorbs every little aspect of your day and stores it like a computer. Everything you can think about, everything you experienced in one of your past lives and everything you’ve ever dreamt about (even those people who you saw in a dream but didn’t know in awakened life) you’ve seen, heard or smelled and your mind stored it even if you weren’t paying attention to it. One of the powerful teachings of The Secret has to do with affirmations and I’ve come to find, even in my own life, that the things I’d say after the words ‘I am’ manifested just as I intended with how I felt when saying them. What I mean is, if you say “I am going to have a bad day” because your morning started off bad, your day will continue going bad; if you say “I am tired of my job”, you’ll keep having experiences at work that just tire you out or annoy you continuously. If all this negative energy erupts and unfolds in your daily life because you said one negative ‘I am’, why don’t you try flipping the script to make it all positive?

Of course, at first, your affirmations will feel like total lies and you’ll feel stupid for standing in front of the mirror to tell yourself how rich and prosperous you are even though you work a standard 9 to 5 job and you’re living hand-to-mouth with your salary. That’s okay. It only takes about 21 days for you to break into habit so imagine just how confident you’ll be feeling by then to proclaim with a joyous and open heart, how wonderful your life is (even when it doesn’t actually feel that way). Everything you do, say, feel and think now is pretty much shaping how tomorrow will pan out. If you go to bed angry about something, you won’t miraculously wake up excited for the new day unless you talk yourself into letting go of the past and looking forward to the future now. We’re not computers that reboot; we’re spirits having a human experience and a lot of people aren’t aware of that fact.

Affirmations can be used for a series of things: to manifest a new job/ career, to attract love into your life, for self-confidence, to make new friendships/ relationships that are meaningful and that will last, to attract money, to manifest a vacation, a new car or home… anything you can imagine yourself being, having or experiencing is pretty much a daily affirmation away. You literally can create your life by speaking it into existence because affirmations are beliefs. When I was looking to manifest confidence in myself because I realised that I was looking to get into the entertainment industry, I listed a whole bunch of affirmations to help me gain some confidence in myself. Sometimes your affirmations don’t even have to do with you; you can have some affirmations that have to do with the outside world too. For example, along with a few “I am confident with who I am” and “I am beautiful and sociable” affirmations, I also added a few “people are drawn to me/ want to talk to me” and “people find me attractive/ intelligent” affirmations. I think these make for a good balance. Affirmations help you live the words you speak and help you be on that frequency for the Universe to respond to. How did this go for me? When I did get to speak to people, many of them complimented me on how articulate I am and how an opinion of mine shifted theirs. I also did get beauty compliments and I slowly found that engaging with people I didn’t know became less and less daunting the more I allowed myself to be open to conversation with strangers.

This year, I’ve created my affirmations according to my year’s goals. I think it’s also best to have an affirmation for each image on your vision board too, to say whenever you look at it. I’ve realised that my affirmations are long because of how much I want to achieve and experience this year, so I’ve broken them down depending on how general or pressing each of my desires are (currently for myself, manifesting a new job is more important than manifesting a vacation at this present time). My pressing desires will stay on mylist for as long as they need to be and I say them daily without fail, and my general desires, I only say when I feel like I should (for example, if maybe I was looking at my vision board and saw an image to remind me or maybe I drove past something that resonates with it, or maybe a negative thought came to mind about it so I need to strengthen my faith a little).

How do you go about creating your own list of affirmations? Ask yourself what it is that you want. Look at your vision board or your list of goals and put the words ‘I am’ before each objective or image you have in mind and speak on it as if it’s already achieved and manifested. It’s that easy. All you have to do after that is say it as often as you can every day until you believe it (you can even say your affirmations to yourself if you find you’re in public and don’t want to be labelled crazy for talking to yourself out loud. I find it’s more affective to say them in front of a mirror in the mornings before you start your day).

Please remember that affirmations aren’t just little mantras you say to yourself; they are a story you’re creating about yourself. You’re not allowed to contradict yourself with these because your strongest belief is what will play out in the future. You can’t tell yourself, “I am debt-free”, for example, but then at the first chance you get, tell your friends, “I am actually drowning in debt and will never get out, at this rate”. It’s hard to stare at the fact of a matter but want to believe that it’s going to be okay. Acknowledge your current situation— your debt, the state of your current relationship (if you have one that you want to improve), whatever it is— and affirm that even though that is what you’re going through currently (and boy, it might be hell), your destiny is better and more joyous than you could ever imagine. The Law of Attraction isn’t about blocking out your negative thoughts entirely— that gives them power over you. It’s about being okay with where you are now because you know that you’re on your way to abundance and prosperity.

Some of my affirmations look like this:

(Inspired by Ariana Grande) “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.”

“I am being treated romantically this Valentine’s day.”

“I am attracting money and opportunities to start my clothing line.”

“I am surrounded by love and support.”

“I attract money in abundance and with ease.”

“I am travelling to London, Paris and Germany this year.”

“My blog and upcoming YouTube channel are doing amazingly.”

“I eat whatever I want and stay skinny.”

“I am healthy and full of energy.”

“I am happy and aligned with all my desires.”

What story are you telling about yourself this year?


16 thoughts on “Law of Attraction 101: Affirmations

  1. I needed to read this post this morning. Iv practised manifestations for a few years now and it’s finally started to Make sense recently. It’s crazy how you can create your own reality but you have to trust and believe. Fab post.

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    1. Thank you, Natalie. I foubd that affirmations work a lot better for me in helping me have faith and believe in myself, especially when my ego wants to comment on something I really want to have/ be/ experience. I read somewhere that one affirmation is ten times more powerful than one negative thought


    1. I’m still waiting on a job to manifest for me. I just need to be a bit more specific about what I want and I should be good. I hope you manifested some really awesome jobs


  2. Affirmations are so powerful, and yet we use them in different ways everyday without even knowing it!

    Being aware, and affirming what we do want instead of what we don’t is a very powerful manifestation tool.

    Being able to truly feel your affirmations as if they were real, and in present tense is also very powerful too

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  3. Thank you for sharing this Lydia. I want to learn more about the LOA. I am understanding it as we can create our reality with our thoughts and the words we verbalize. And we must believe it in our heart. Put it out there and let it be, for the Universe to work out. Is there a good book you would recommend reading about the Law of Attraction? Thanks!


    1. I’ve read “The One Minute Millionaire” and it pretty much broke it down but “The Secret” is amazing too, especially as a beginner’s guide to the practice. I have a number of other LoA pdfs I’ve been given by friends (which I haven’t gotten to read yet lol) but if you’d like, I could email you all of them? Ooh, and you have to watch the movie “The Secret”, it explains the book well

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  4. I haven’t read the law of attraction book but I can totally see the benefits of the law of attraction. If there’s an audiobook version I would download it. Ever since minimizing my bookshelf, I stopped buying physical books.


  5. Thank you so much for writing this! It’s helped me get a better idea on how to use affirmations. I’ve now replaced “I want” with saying things in present tense as if they’ve already happened 🙂

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