Book Review: The One Minute Millionaire


My Law of Attraction journey has since taught me that there is no such thing as coincidence. You are always at the right place at the right time and, in that time, whatever you come across (be it through whichever of your senses) is simply a message the Universe has been meaning to give to you— you are at the perfect place and in the perfect state to receive. That’s something, isn’t it?

My mom has, for years now, had a habit of bringing me old books to read from her workplace and I’ve had this particular one on my bookshelf along with hundreds of others for months—maybe even a few years now (I want to believe I’m not the only bookworm with buy-a-new-book syndrome) and I only noticed it when I was looking through my books for one to busy myself with in the month of September. The title stood out for me as if it had some LED lights on it, and as soon as I covered the introduction chapter, I realised that this was the book I was meant to be reading. Perfect timing.

Before I jump into what The One Minute Millionaire by Mark Victor Hansen and Robert Allen is about, I’d also like to share that it’s pretty ironic that, just a few weeks ago, I was chatting to a colleague of mine and we were on the topic of businesses and dreams and I blurted out that I saw myself making my first million by the age of 30. Whether that wealth comes to me at the age of 29 or 31, the Law of Attraction has taught me that there is no wrong or late time for your life to become what you desire it to be; the timing is always just and, ultimately, the foundation for your future life begins today and this book teaches just that among other things.

One of the first things that stood out to me about The One Minute Millionaire is that it’s been divided into two parts (the reader is literally able to read two books at the same time). The authors intended it that way to, as they say, cater for the artist and the engineer (your left and right brained people). What I also enjoy is that, for all the left brained readers, the straight-to-the-point explanation of how to create your own wealth/ abundance is on the left hand side of the book (literally, all the pages on your left) and for those of us who hate lecture-type books but enjoy creating images in the mind, the right hand side of the book is a fictional story following the life of a character named Michelle whose future depends on her making a million dollars to get access to her children—same principles, but only one side of the book is more educational and the other is a story based on that educational aspect of the left side of the book.

I’d just about gone through the first chapter of the book when I drafted the outline of this blog post and at that time I’d stopped to think “this is exactly what I needed to be reminded of”. Often times when life got a bit bumpy, I resolved to curling into a corner of defeat. There have been so many times when I’ve had a great idea and the negative voice within told me that it’s been done before or that I’m not smart enough or equipped enough to achieve what I wanted to. I remember even a psychic telling me that she saw me doing an obstacle course and I was using my own techniques to get through it but, once I started looking around and seeing that no one else was going through the course like I was, I began to doubt if it was even the right way to go about it. Affirmations have become a major part of how I tackle everyday life, especially when I begin to feel the cloud of doubt come over me. The One Minute Millionaire teaches about the power of the mind and how the smallest actions have the power to make great changes: “the tiny changes brought upon by a butterfly moving its wings in San Francisco have the power to change weather conditions in Shanghai”—the butterfly effect.

Even if your goal isn’t to manifest a great deal of money into your life (though I don’t see who wouldn’t want to at least try), this book gives great tools that can help you manoeuvre through life as an enlightened person. Some of the teachings of this book involve the principles of giving and receiving and the principles of thoughts becoming things. Essentially, if you’re looking for a way to shift your way of thinking and viewing everyday life or learn about the ins and outs of creating wealth (or creating your everyday life), this book is for you; this book is for anyone who has big dreams but doesn’t know where to begin, or anyone who lives in constant doubt of their capabilities because they’ve been programmed to think that there will always be someone out there who is better. Think about this for a moment: if my queen, Rihanna, had given into this societal negativity and decided that there are already hundreds of cosmetics brands out there so why bother, would we have Fenty Beauty today—a brand which earned her about $72 million within the first month of its existence, according to People Magazine, for its inclusivity of people (especially people of colour) of all skin tones? She found a gap in the market and capitalised on it: are people with albinism included in the beauty industry or are they chucked under the same makeup category as Caucasians? And why are there always three shades of brown foundation? What about the different shades of dark brown? How does the dark skinned community get their faces beat to the gods when the major makeup brands don’t even consider them half the time? The One Minute Millionaire teaches us that the Universe always provides solutions in the form of new ideas and, even if it seems there is already “too much” of what you want to get into, the Universe has infinite ideas for you and there is infinite money/ success/ prosperity in the field you want to get into… there is no such thing as “too much”.

Hanson and Allen hold your hand through your journey to creating your own wealth be it in the financial aspect of your life or wealth in your health, your spirituality or the relationships in your life. Whatever it is you’re reading this book for, the first few pages will have you feeling like you could pretty much conquer the world and I can honestly say that I’m happy that my bookshelf was the first place I searched for a reader, and not a bookshop because I’d been sitting on this gem for God knows how long now. If you put into practice this book’s teachings, I’m certain you could grow in more ways than one—at least that’s what I wish to achieve by the time I read through the last page.

I haven’t gotten to reading Michelle’s story yet and I plan to do so as soon as I’m on college break in a few weeks. In the meantime, I’m still highlighting and practicing the key teachings of the book and I will be sharing my favourites on my Twitter account so be sure to follow me there for that. This book has, so far, given me a new outlook on life. I’m not scared to dream a bit bigger anymore because I’m learning that I’m worthy of my thoughts of abundance and money is not as evil as we’ve been taught to think it is. We can make changes in our lives while changing the lives of others—we can be enlightened millionaires, all of us in whichever aspect of our lives we wish to be wealthy, because there will always be enough of everything for everyone. Always.

I usually find that the best ways to enjoy a good book are with a cup of tea and my favourite face mask because nurturing your looks is always as important as nurturing your mind.


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