The Weekly Thanks

The Weekly Thanks

This week has been one for the books and it’s absolutely confirmed that this is going to be a good year for me as most of the things that I’d set intentions for and spent most of my time manifesting last year are beginning to take off for me.

This past week has been one full of love and growth for me. Here are my week’s highlights:

  • First of all (my ultimate week’s highlight), my best friend manifested love in the strangest way. Seeing her happy and all giggly over this guy made me happy because I felt she deserved this after being involved in a string of previous relationships that all resulted in her having her heart broken. It’s been about two years since she was last with someone but even with her past relationships, I’d never seen her this taken by someone and that makes me happy too.
  • I also manifested love this week with my magic jar! The irony is that the day that I tweeted about how happy I was for my best friend manifesting love, I’d also tweeted a bit about how the Universe gives you back the energy that you give out—what you strongly feel or say or think about someone else or something, you get back from the Universe. About a day or two after my best friend met someone who makes her smile, I did too (I’m telling you, it’s a beautiful feeling which is still a bit unfamiliar since I’d been out of the dating game for a while). Though it’s still early days, I am happy and overall thankful for this moment in my life.

  • I made some blogging friends on Twitter (a lot of them!). I reached out with a tweet to say that I wanted to make some blogger friends on Twitter because I had nobody to engage with and my Twitter experience was feeling a bit lonely. I honestly expected to only get a response from no more than four people at most… I got over 200 responses (which I gladly tried to respond to all of) and I’ve since engaged with a whole bunch of beautiful people from all corners of the planet.
  • My blog is growing at a steady yet wonderful rate! When I started blogging, I did not expect to have so much engagement in such a short time frame but my blog stats have shown me that, with a bit more work, this month could be the start of me beating my best stats from January of 166 visitors and 301 blog views.
  • I got tested by the Universe this weekend and did a selfless act that is still beyond me as I reflect. I don’t like going into depth about the good things that I do but I will be vague and say that my money mindset was put to the test when I was put in the position to help wholeheartedly and I managed to give an amount of money that I otherwise would’ve never thought to give had I not been on this spiritual journey. Not only am I thankful for having the means to be able to help when I was called to, I am also thankful for this test because it made me realise how much I’m growing as a person who’s trying to make her little corner or the world a brighter place.

I hope you all go into the new week inspired to look for some good in every day. Everybody have a beautiful week ahead and remember, all your blessings and joyful moments are a simple “thank you” away.

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