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Dear Smile-keepers,


For a lot of people, February is just a drag because it means that the shops are stocking up on Valentine’s day things to sell to you and you’re reminded quite bluntly that you’re the single friend while everyone has plans for February 14th and all you have, for yet another year, is your TV and a box of tissues (you could even blame my fellow Scorpios for this because apparently we created this lovely day to scam everyone into conceiving more Scorpios. I love this idea better). I really want to say that I feel your pain and that we can all virtually hold hands around an imaginary fire and sing some anti-love songs but, firstly, I’m here with a lot of self-love posts lined up for you and secondly, I’m manifesting a Valentine’s day date so I can’t cry with you this year. Sorry.

A lot of people hate this month because it’s a loud reminder of what they don’t have. This month I want to help you realise and appreciate what you do have; the love from your family, your friends and most importantly, the love you should have for yourself. I’ve written a post or two about speaking things into existence and I’ve tweeted about how the Universe returns the energy you give out. It’s not too late to manifest some love for Valentines day, whether you want some love from an estranged friend or family member or some romantic love. I have some Law of Attraction posts for you, some self-love posts for you and a real life story post for you, all of them themed around love and I’m excited.

Don’t run for the hills without giving me a chance to try and make you feel loved! Sometimes people make the mistake of thinking that love is only romantic. When the time for stores to stock up on teddy bears, flowers and chocolates come, we forget about our family members and friends and feel like the coupled-up world is laughing at us for being single. Being single is a joyous experience, especially if you’ve been in a toxic relationship or two previously; being single allows us to look within ourselves and try and see where, how or if we should fix ourselves. You have the freedom to just be and do whatever you want for and by yourself and that takes a lot of courage and confidence, especially if this is goingto be your first solo love month in a long time (or ever).

This month brings me a lot of memories and all of them except one are of me spending this time of month alone while my friends were loved up. When I was in primary school, we used to have a tradition of writing letters for our loved ones in school and a group of prefects would go around handing them out to whomever they were addressed to. It was an exciting time and I always hoped to get an anonymous letter from a secret admirer but, I only ever got one letter from my best friend at the time. Every. Single. Year. I was hurt because I had a number of crushes back then, but I quickly learned that it was all a popularity thing and my ranking in the primary school social chain was pretty much at the same level as plants in the food chain. In high school we had a similar tradition but this time, the older students got to sell some Valentine’s day items to raise funds for charity every year, I got a key chain from a close friend, nothing ever from my ultimate crush, and this time it wasn’t about popularity (and I hoped it was). This was a different game altogether. If your crush got you a synthetic rose or a mug or a bear, you were officially an item and it was sealed at the school ball that happened on the Friday night of this love-filled week. One time I got a bear and rose from a boy who I didn’t even know liked me, and my experience at the ball that year is still worth a novel. What’s my point?

All my life, this month, for me, has been about me loving and appreciating my friends and family— my mom still expects some good chocolate from me at this time of the year—because I was basically forced to learn to love other people and myself and not validate my worth by how many roses and key chains I got as a teenager.

Loving yourself is the greatest gift you could ever give yourself before presenting yourself as a gift to someone else. There is nothing in the world like a self-loving person. No one can say anything to rattle you or point out any flaws of yourself that you don’t already acknowledge and love about yourself. Loving yourself makes it easier for others to love you and loving yourself is exactly how you can attract romantic love into your life, since like attracts like! This isn’t going to be another boring and long February, this is going to be a month that you feel loved no matter what and I’ll support you through it.

So whatever your feelings about this month, I’m really hoping that you come out of it with a smile. If you feel like nobody loves you, come February 28th, I’ll still be loving you (sounds corny but, I’m sure my Twitter followers can vouch for me when I say, my DMs are open to anyone who feels they want to get some things off their chests. I’ll be that big teddy bear you wished your boyfriend could’ve gotten for you when you were 16).

Happy Love Month!

Love, Lydia.


10 thoughts on “Letter of the Month

  1. Hey! I love this letter! And I love your view on how Valentines Day is just a plan to put more Scorpios on Earth. I think my RA shares it too, because she decided that this month’s Name tags on the doors should be condoms… It was a nice surprise lol I wish you the best!

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