The Weekly Thanks

The Weekly Thanks

This week has been quite different for me. I’m not used to actively looking for things to be grateful for on a daily basis and this exercise has had me looking for more to be thankful for; more than pretty flowers, more than just the fact that I woke up today, more than just the fact that it rained this weekend.

I’ve been practicing mindfulness this week and it’s brought me so much happiness as I realised what a beautiful world we live in. All it takes is simply opening our eyes. For me, life’s biggest gifts come in small packages and while it’s still a bit hard to go around looking for different things to be thankful for, realising that I’m usually thankful for the same thing also brings me comfort as it makes me feel like I’m truly thankful for those things.

My week’s gratitude highlights:

  • I registered for my final year of college and my fees for the year have been sorted out in full.
  • We got some good rainfall in Johannesburg after ages of heat.
  • I did a lot of laughing with my best friend this weekend alone.
  • After opening myself up for dating again (can you believe I made the decision to start with Tinder?), I’m meeting some very nice guys and the feeling of being, for lack of a better word, ‘desirable’ to the kinds of guys that I like… it’s beautiful to me. I’m all smiles and everything and I think that this week alone, my self-love points have tripled because of this.
  • I ALSO HIT 50 FOLLOWERS ON MY BLOG THIS WEEK! Thank you all so much

Now for my ultimate gratitude (and also an update):

I created a Magic Jar and it’s already working! Just a few days ago, I manifested my first desire from my magic tool—some money (and the exact amount I’d asked for). I am thankful because this exercise has helped me kill off some of my limiting beliefs and work on my letting go of the worry around things which I really want. I also feel thankful for all the comments under my Magic Jar blog post because the real reason I even started this blog was so that I could inspire my readers. Everyone wanting to create their own magic tool because of that post just made me so happy too this week, and this post is just to prove to everyone who wanted to give it a try (and the people who may have thought that I was nuts) that there really is magic within us.

Thank you!


2 thoughts on “The Weekly Thanks

  1. I absolutely love this post! Too often most of us go throughout our days not being grateful for things. I just read You Are A Badass Arnold Making Money and I’ve been trying to start the original You Are A Badass, but things keep getting in my way! Going to start it soon. Your post reminded me of so many things I learned from that.

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