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Law of Attraction 101

This past week, the only thing pretty much flooding all my social media feeds and timelines has been Ariana Grande’s 7 Rings. As a fairly new fan of her music and her as an artist and as someone who’s fairly new to the Law of Attraction, most times that I’ve sat to listen to some of her songs’ lyrics, I’ve almost fallen off my seat because of how she’s spoken things into existence through her music or how she comes across as someone who constantly uses the Law of Attraction to bring things to fruition for herself.

‘I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it’– 7 Rings

‘It feels so good to be so young and have this fun and be successful (I’m so successful)’– Successful

‘… God forbid something happens, least this song is a smash’– Thank u, next

‘I thought you into my life, look at my mind. No better place or a time, how they align’– Pete Davidson

All this jamming to Ariana’s music got me to realise… I could manifest stuff by listening to her music!

While I was on YouTube the day after the 7 Rings video came out, I came across another Leeor Alexandra video and she had a topic on manifesting your desires using tools. I’d never heard of this method before so, upon watching the video, I learned that people have various ways of realising their desires in the most simplest of ways. While Leeor has a magic whiteboard which she’s manifested countless things from by simply writing her desires on it, I’ve discovered manifestation boxes where people intend that putting their written desires into a special box will manifest those desires, I’ve found out about how some people speak their intentions/ desires to a crystal for manifestation and some people just simply script their desires in a journal and keep it moving. While watching Leeor’s YouTube video, I felt inspired to make use of a jar which I had no use for, which had been sitting in my room since I’d been in high school.

After following some steps that I’m going to share with you, this jar quickly became my magic jar and every dream, wish or desire that I’ve put into this magic jar, I 110% believe will manifest in divine right time.

Step 1: you have to identify your choice of magic tool. It has to resonate with you and feel absolutely right when you choose it. Leeor made a Harry Potter reference in her video and I’ve just realised that step 1 is exactly like when the witches in Harry Potter go shopping for their wands. Let your ‘wand’ choose you.

Step 2: this is where Ariana Grande comes in for me. Since her music, specifically 7 Rings, uplifts my mood (literally, singing along to this song makes me feel like I’m singing my own affirmations), you have to find a way to lift your vibrations and get into a positive frequency before you can bless your magic tool. Why? All the desires you’re to write with/ on/ for your tool, speak into existence with your tool or whatever, are going to ultimately bring you joy. With the Law of Attraction, you have to be joyful, happy, excited—positive—in advance. If you’re in an angry mood but start writing about the money you’d like the Universe to give you, she’ll most likely just hand you more situations that’ll make you feel angry. I know it’s tricky but, if anything, always remember that the energy you give out is the energy you get back. Happy mood and happy thoughts for the gift of situations and things to be happy about. “Quick maths” (Big Shaq, 2018). Create a playlist that’ll make you feel like all your desires are attainable to you, meditate, go for a walk to lift your mood… whatever you can to get your vibes as high as you can, do it.

Step 3: bless your tool with an intention. Without a shadow of a doubt, you have to believe that this tool is magical and there is nothing in the world that could ever shake its magic off. For my jar (after dancing around the house and singing my poor lungs out), I intended that every desire that I wrote down and put into the jar will manifest in divine right time as I’ve written or in a better way. You can further intend exactly what I said about its magic powers, that nothing can mess with the positive powers at work in or around your magic tool. Whatever comes naturally to you as a belief, say it and feel it with your entire existence!

Step 4: let go. After you’ve put down a few of your desires on/ in your magic tool, let go of your attachment to it all. Someone once said that the Law of Attraction is like ordering from your
favourite catalogue; once you’ve placed your order for all the things you want, you don’t stress about the arrival of your order because you know it’s been received and everything you asked for will come to you no matter what. When you shop online, you know that even if it takes weeks, your purchase is coming because you placed that order; when you go to a restaurant to place your food order, you know that your food is coming because the waiter heard you loud and clear. Your magic tool is the middle man between you placing your order and it coming to you just as you asked for it.

Leeor said something along these lines in her Harry Potter reference about this method of manifestation:

“Even though the witches and wizards used wands, they still had magic within them to perform magic in the absence of their wands”

You are able to manifest anything you want, no matter how big or small, with or without your magic tool.

My magic jar helps me with my attachment issues to my desires. I’d always struggled when it came to manifesting big things because I always felt like I had to do a lot—speak it into existence then meditate on it to visualise then affirm its existence then write about it in my scripting journal… I overwhelmed myself because I thought that big desires required a lot but, in actuality (and my magic jar has shown me this), the same way I’d write something like ‘a packet of my favourite sweets’ and put that in the jar for manifestation is the exact same way I’d write down ‘a trip to Paris in 2019’ and throw that in my jar. So why should my method for manifesting candy be different to how I go about manifesting a trip abroad? Your tool boosts your faith and enhances your energy around your desires and, in cases such as my own, your tool will better your manifestation method and bring you speedy results. The simple act of dropping my desires into my magic jar with absolute faith that it’s all being taken care of because I put it in my magic jar is magic in itself to me. Because it’s in there, I’m not fussing or wondering when or how. I’m moving on with my life and focusing on other things because my order was placed and when it’s ready to be delivered to me, the Universe knows where to find me and I’ll always be available for collection.

Now the fun begins: how soon until I come back with an update on how many of my desires my magic jar took care of for me?

To watch Leeor’s video on how to manifest with a magic tool, click here. She also has a video on her success story from using her magic board!

9 thoughts on “Works Like Magic

  1. Great post, Lydia! I like the idea of having a magic jar -I’m going to try that! I also like Ariana Grande’s new song and the sass she displays. I never thought about her lyrics’ ability to act like affirmations or to attract what one wants. Thanks for showing me that. I recently wrote about crystals and Ariana Grande’s music in 2 separate posts. If you want to take a look, here is the link to my other blog: Enjoy your weekend!

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  2. I loved this post. You have inspired me to do this as well. I keep stressing about getting a new job and maybe thats the reason I havent gotten one yet. I need to just put it in a jar or box and know it will happen instead of stressing. Thank you for this post! It’s just what I needed right now

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  3. This is amazing! I love this idea so much. I haven’t seen it done before but I really like it. The idea of having a magic “something” really resonates with me. I will definitely check out the video and have a sit and think about what might work for me because you’ve definitely made me think I should get one!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Reema |

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    1. Let me know what you turn into your magic tool. I’d really love to know. I recently manifested some money with my jar so that’s a little more motivation for you to create yours. All the best! Thanks for reading x


  4. Lydia I love this idea! I’m definitely going to need to check out this video and start my own jar! This is an excellent way to practice letting things go, which I need to do more of!


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