Manifesting your 2019 goals

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My year sort of started off late as I’d gone off to spend the rest of my festive season with my best friend in the Eastern Cape Province (South Africa).

We did a lot of nothing and because of that level of relaxation, I sort of slipped out of my usual spiritual routine as I found myself not being in the mood to do anything for the whole time that I was there (except watch the crime channel, eat, nap and watch Young Sheldon). Basically, everything that I’d planned to do when the new year kicked off, I’d put on hold for when I got back home to Johannesburg… then I fell ill.

I’d already written down my dreams for the new year around October/ November 2018 and I was confident in them but I soon began to feel like I didn’t think them through enough or like I’d put too much on my plate. Thankfully, I’ve been following Leeor Alexandra on YouTube and she offers a whole bunch of help in the field of Law of Attraction and manifestation and while I’ve been feeling exhausted and vibrationally low in the last few days, I woke up feeling inspired to watch some videos on YouTube and hers on this topic was one I was drawn to so, here we are.

One important thing to remember before you even begin to set your goals (thank you for Leeor’s emphasis on this) is to realise that it won’t be the end of the world if you don’t accomplish everything on your list. Don’t put too much on your plate and don’t be too hard on yourself to achieve every detail of every plan. Leeor’s video also made me realise that not all goals are meant to be for financial gain or career growth. Sometimes that (and fitness) is the only thing we work ourselves to the bone for and it drains us out eventually because it ends up feeling like a chore rather than a journey. Setting goals shouldn’t take away your free time and it certainly shouldn’t have you feeling like you need to have everything done by the end of the year. Take pride in yourself for sitting down to list your goals and pat yourself on the back at the end of the year if, of all your listed goals, you only managed to achieve one as that still counts as a success!

Leeor advised to break goals down into six bite-sized goal categories instead of having a long list of everything. I feel like that took the pressure off my shoulders and made me feel like I could actually do everything on my list. This type of goal setting is spiritually inspired but also requires physical work in the form of inspired action. This simply means that, instead of thinking from your ego about what you should achieve in the year, think from your spirit. Anything that you look at on your list of goals that gives you anxiety when you think about going about it is probably not actually for you. If you, for example, have a fitness goal to lose weight and you really believe that you can, writing a specific weight target or specifying how often you need to hit the gym this year isn’t going to help you meet your target—it’s going to scare you back to the fridge or back into bed (or to wherever you go to cope with your stress). Rather simply state that your goal is to fit into your favourite dress or pair of jeans and let your spirit guide you in terms of what to eat and how often to eat it, and how often you should go to the gym (if you even should because working out in your living room or simply going for long walks could be as effective and will prove to be, beyond a doubt, less stressful).

Your six categories for your goals should be based on career/ money, your health, your social life, your mind, your spirit and your creativity. My goals, which I will share with you, are no more than three per category and that feels easy to me—doable and right. I know that this type of method won’t mess with my usual routines and it does not, at all, feel heavy or bring me anxiety when I look at what I hope to achieve by the end of this year.

My career/ money goals: One of my major goals is to get into the fashion industry. I’m not talking about being the next Versace or Gucci over night (although that is the overall dream but there’s no pressure on my part to be that big) but I’ve, for so long, put my dreams of making and selling clothes on hold. Initially, my excuse was that I had no support from my family as none of them thought anyone could make a solid living off of retail (clearly they didn’t pay attention to me sitting in front of the TV to watch big name fashion shows on loop), then my excuse became finances. I realised recently that, while those were all valid excuses, my actual excuse was the fear of beginning and the fear of failing, but more than that, the fear of not knowing how I’d do if I did try. I’d watched some YouTube videos by people who ran their own clothing lines and the list of requirements to get started—registering the business, setting up a bank account, the marketing, etc—overwhelmed me. But now, I simply want to start and that could mean sketching a collection of 10 looks that I could save up to have made for myself and my friends, just to see what people think, or starting the process of getting manufacturing quotations all around my city to find a deal that’s suitable and morally correct for me (whatever I’m inspired to do by my higher self, really). Again, no pressure.

My second goal for my career is to start my own YouTube channel. I’ve already filmed one video which just has to be edited, but because I naturally freak out at the thought of standing in lines to audition for anything, I felt like I could use YouTube as my portfolio this year, and trust that just like all the famous people who were discovered on the platform, the right opportunities will find me having fun and being authentic on my own channel.

My fitness goals: I’ve tried having a solid routine to keep fit but I get bored easily and I’m super lazy so I’ve boiled this part of my goals down to two things: this year, I’d like to get into yoga once a week (over time, I hope to increase the number of times I do it in a week). I also plan to take those 15 to 20 minute walks to/ from my college campus from/ to the bus station every single day (unless it’s raining cats and dogs).

My social goals: This is a tough category for me and one which I feel like is going to take the most out of me but I’m looking forward to the challenge!

My goals for 2019 under this category are to disengage from my cellphone and be present around friends and family, to go out more by myself or with a friend to meet new people (not exactly with the intention to make new friends each time but, just to engage in small talk with strangers in a queue or simply dance with someone I don’t know at a club when I find myself there), and to say yes to meeting new guys and finding romance in my life, finally!

My intellectual goals: I love the mind and there is nothing to me that makes me erupt with happiness than when someone compliments my way of thinking or my deep interest and opinions on certain topics. This year, I’d like to dedicate one day a week to watching a TedTalk (and looking into the topic if it interests me that much), and to take my French-learning lessons seriously as I’m manifesting a trip to Paris this year. So far, I speak very basic French but I’d like to know at least how to ask for directions and say “please help, I’m dying” in French for when I do get to travel to Paris—nothing too dramatic. I’d just like for the locals to know when it’s an emergency and CPR is required. Also, I’m going to read more blog posts in my everyday life, by other bloggers and actively comment and like them! I commute for a long time to go to and from college (literally up to 45 minutes to an hour on the bus) so I really have no excuse to not support other bloggers.

My spiritual goals: Like I’ve already mentioned, I’ve been out of touch with my spirit lately and I haven’t meditated in ages, if I’m being honest (I can’t even remember the last time I meditated omg). Because meditation is so important to me for connecting with my guides and higher self, and also for my mindfulness and intuition, I’d like to dedicate five to ten minutes to meditating every day.

Other spiritual goals I’ve set for myself are to practice more gratitude and to practice letting go of the worry and/ anxiety that comes with having desires, and having faith in the Universe regarding the manifestation of those desires.

My creative goals: Lastly but certainly not least, I want to pay attention to the child in me and do the things that once made me happy as a little girl. I used to write stories by hand as a child. My mom used to bring me recycled paper from work for me to turn into little books and sharing my stories with my cousin used to make me happy because she couldn’t get enough. I also used to enjoy making art (my mom still has my paintings and drawings from my pre-school days). This year, I want to get into painting and writing again for myself, just as a way to relax and be in my happy state for the benefit of my spirit and frequency of joy.

Remember not to put pressure on yourself to get everything done and to just go with the flow. Your goals don’t always have to be set for the purpose of gaining materialistic things; you’re allowed to have the desire to just have fun this year or to just learn something because you want to.

Let me know what your goals are and let’s hope that, by the end of 2019, you’ve happily nailed at least one of these six categories.

To watch Leeor Alexandra speak on this topic (and to lose yourself in more of her inspirational Law of Attraction videos), click here and, if you wish to, follow Leeor on Twitter on too.

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  1. Really enjoyed this post! Definitely write by hand! I’ve been doing that more recently and find it fulfilling. My husband visited Johannesburg during the world cup 2010 and loved the city 🙂

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