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Dear Smile-keepers,

After spending the last twelve months counting down to the end of it, we begin the cycle all over again in 2019.

I find it fascinating that this is the norm—routine, but I also find excitement in new beginnings, especially if the journey to what was the end of the previous chapter was in any way exhausting. I like to imagine every years’ fresh start as a phoenix. You hatch, you learn and grow, you crumble to ashes and rise again to start all over.

2018 was a beautiful year for me. It was packed with spiritual growth and lessons and realisations that I wouldn’t trade or change for anything. I learned where my faith is rooted, I learned that I am my own life’s creator and the most powerful thing in the world to myself—that I am powerful, that I am in control, that I can be, have or feel whatever I want. I learned to love myself before anyone else and that sometimes it’s okay and best to be selfish. I learned my strengths and weaknesses and I learned to take it all a minute and a day at a time. Isn’t this a beautiful foundation that was laid out for me for my entrance into the new year?

Have you listed your goals for the new year? Have you set some intentions or found a word or two that you’ll focus on to give you momentum even in the toughest of times in the year? The beginning of a new cycle is perfect for reflection. Last year was made up of a lot of trial and error for many people, especially those who, like me, started focusing on their passions actively. Towards the end of 2018 as I set up my blog, I went in blindly, only knowing that I loved to write in my spare time, that I
wanted to say something meaningful and hopefully touch a life or two, and that I wanted to add the word ‘blogger’ to my list of things to say I do for a living when I go out on dates. Now that I’ve engaged over the last few months and found that this is something I see myself doing for years to come, I’ve been able to add my blog to my list of things to nurture and grow throughout the year with hopes that before 2019 comes to a close, everything I put my heart and time into will bring me nothing but some much needed good in the aspect of my career dreams and in my general life. Sometimes we overwhelm ourselves with resolutions and we start off pumped but fizzle out a week or so into it. I’m here to remind you to breathe; even though they tend to fall sometimes, babies take their time learning to walk. You might want to lose some weight or make some extra money… realise that you are enough as you are now and that alone will take the pressures off your shoulders.

My 2019 words are “love” for both myself and those around me, “abundance” in my (mental) health, my finances, my wisdom, love and happiness in my life, and “success” as I intend to be my own competition by looking to beat my previous best anything. This is going to be my final year of college and the realisation that I’ll soon be losing the “I’m still in school” excuse to measure my time regarding when I’ll start working on my dream, is creeping in. I’m scared and I’m nervous but if there’s anything that 2018 taught me, it was that in 2017 I’d been stressing about half the things that I’d manifested in 2018. I did it all with very little effort. Take some time to enjoy the journey as opposed to looking forward to the arrival to your desired destination. That’s not to say drag your feet and wait for Jesus as you enjoy the view. I’m simply saying that it’s better to do your best and give yourself some appreciation for even the smallest of victories. Your journey is yours alone and whatever you feel is a big deal to you should be celebrated unapologetically.

Start your new year off on a positive note and remind yourself why you even started—why you set your resolutions, why you started blogging, why you started school (again), why you woke up this morning. Everything that you dream about—everything that you want to be, experience or have— just let go with a heart full of faith that whatever amount of effort you put into growing your metaphorical garden will pay off for your greatest good. Let it flow. If you ever feel like giving up, realise that whoever you believe in, be it God, Source, the Universe or Allah, they wouldn’t inspire you to dream as big as you do without the intention to bring your very dream to fruition.

This month, I’m talking vision boards, setting goals and intentions and being calm for your own sanity because no athlete wins the race by sprinting in the first lap. January has its own issues (I hope you didn’t overspend in December because it’s about to be a long start to your year if you went hard last month) that you don’t need to add to by worrying about if you’ll afford that vacation you’re hoping to go on in June or if you’ll reach 2000 blog subscribers by March. We’re focusing on the now. January, our foundation for a beautiful, prosperous and love/ positivity-filled 2019.

Happy new year to all of you! Have an amazing start to your new chapter and don’t forget that it’ll only get as good as you want it to be.

Love, Lydia.

2 thoughts on “Letter of the Month

  1. This is a beautiful affirmation for the year 2019! Positive thoughts will lead to positive results and I couldn’t agree more with you! All the best for the year!

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