Spiritual Preparations For The New Year

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In the past, like many people, approaching the New Year meant setting resolutions. I’ve gotten over the hype around that since I don’t do too well with sticking to long-term goals but, I’ve noticed how very few people throw their spirituality into their various resolution lists.

Our focus is always on weight loss or making more money but we never think to sort our spirits out and shed the year’s spiritual burdens before we step into our new chapters.

I’m new to doing moon rituals as I’ve only been practicing the Law of Attraction for about a year but, the more I get into it and engage with other people to find out what they do to work with the moon during the important phases, the more I want to get more involved with my own moon rituals too.

I don’t know what it is about this Cancer full moon of (maybe it’s the fact that it’s basically carrying us into the New Year) but I wanted to do something a little different as I was inspired to by my gut. I’m usually one to simply meditate and write some lists but, this time I felt that simply setting intentions for 2019 wasn’t enough for me. With help from social media, I found a ritual that resonated with me and I felt so much lighter afterwards. I think that the beauty of this ritual for me was in the fact that I’d found myself three candles to light for my meditation. I put them in a row and named them “past”, “present” and “future”… my “past” candle was the first to fizzle out as I set my intentions to release certain energies and emotions which withheld me from growth and progression and I thought that that was a sign in itself that all is forgiven, all wounds I’d carried from my past were officially healing and that all that no longer serves me is as good as gone with the smoke from the burning of my list of intentions (my mom is going to kill me for using her porcelain saucer for my ashes).

I hadn’t realised much that I still carried a lot of pain with me from my past and I really want to let it all go for a fresh start in the new year. A lot of my life was built upon hurt and pain and a lot of it was inherited, probably from even before my mother was born. We don’t realise just how much our spirits are weighed with ‘dirt’ until we sit and write down what we think is holding us back from being the selves we want to be. The full moon energy got the better of me yesterday, literally dampening my positivity streak, and I found myself doing a ho’oponopono meditation with tears streaming down my face because in the midst of my really petty and silly argument with my mother, I came to realise that the crying was just the result of a long time of pent up resentment, hurt, disappointment and anger and it all had to go. I’ve been beautifully in tune with my intuition lately and the ability to realise, for example, that my spirit is burdened and that I need to let it all out has been a blessing to me. As if the argument and breaking down was all meant to happen, I later got off my bed, inspired to pamper myself, and I kept it moving. I woke up with a smile on my face, good skin from my facial and soft feet from the pedicure and foot treatment I’d been inspired to give myself as my eyes stung from my ugly crying from the night before.

Releasing negative energy isn’t just for us to feel better in the moment. It’s about cutting negative chords, ridding ourselves of bad vibes and ultimately, forgiveness for the long run. Forgive yourself before the New Year for thinking you weren’t good enough or beautiful enough; forgive yourself for comparing yourself to someone else; forgive yourself for being comfortable with just getting by when you know that you’re dying to live your dreams. Forgive other people too for hurting you or making you feel like you weren’t worthy. After you let go of all this spiritual tension and heaviness, it’ll show in your physical body and in your personality and the New Year will be a walk in the park for you.

Prioritise loving yourself after giving this ritual a try:

  • Set the mood with some calming music (I love Enya for my peace) and your favourite candles or cleanse your space if you wish with some sage or crystals (whatever feels right to you)
  • Meditate to clear your mind of all negativity
  • Write your releasing intentions down
  • Seal it with a powerful clause*
  • Burn your intentions to intensify their release

* “I release all implants, imprints, templates, thought forms, frequencies,energetic agreements, karma, trauma, chords, vibrations and patterns that are resonate with the energy associated with my intentions on every layer of my existence and out of all my chakras major and minor, all layers of my aura, all of my subtle bodies of energy, my higher and lower self, ego, consciousness and awareness. I declare all these things to be so and in perfect alignment with my greatest and highest good. so it is.”

Isn’t it beautiful to know and feel like your strength is in your own hands; that you have control over what you choose to vibrate and let into your energy space?

After my ritual, I wrote down a gratitude list for all my 2018 highlights and it surprised me how much I’d achieved and manifested this year. This allowed me to set clearer intentions/ goals for the New Year and I can confidently say that I am ready to step into 2019 renewed and refreshed. Your peace and spiritual healing is as important as anything you could ever do for yourself on the outside, remember that.

Have an amazing holiday period and an even better New Year.

Please note that this ritual was introduced to me by @MysticxLipstick and all the steps and how-to’s, she’s tweeted in this thread. I don’t take credit for the beauty of the ritual but I highly recommend you give it a try before the New Year.

Featured image courtesy of unsplash.com

4 thoughts on “Spiritual Preparations For The New Year

  1. I love this❤️, the beginning of this year I had was carrying a lot of pain still that I had just realized I had been carrying with me for 3 years. Pain from my divorce, pain from infidelity in my new relationship, pain from not putting my children first and depending on a man to fill a void I needed to fill myself. This year I can finally say I forgive, I forgive myself. I know my family loves me. I know I need to let the past go in order to look towards my future. I think next year will be a good year for both of us. Thank you for your post Lydia. 🙏🏽


  2. Lydia, this sounds like a lovely ritual! My friend and I did a very brief ‘burning ceremony’ to release negative energies from the past year. I am going to try this ritual that you have shared with us. Thank you so much. I also love the idea of making a gratitude list to recognize and honor all that I have accomplished throughout 2018. I think this would be beneficial for me as well. Wishing you a lovely 2019! Julie xo

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