Law of Attraction 101: Thoughts Become Things

Law of Attraction 101

Some years after we’d moved into our home, my mom told me about how, on her way to my dad’s hometown when they were still married, she used to drive past this very area we stay in and say to herself every time, “if I were to buy myself a house, it would be right here”. Sometimes we wish for things out loud and manifest them into our reality without even giving it a second thought; we feel the desire boil passionately in our hearts, intend it out loud and we forget about it until it’s right in front of us years, months or even days after. That is the power of the tongue and of the mind.

Manifesting things into our realities is so much easier than a lot of people think and it all comes down to how bad you want it (or essentially, how often you think about it and how passionately you feel about it). The tips I’m going to share with you work both positively and negatively, depending on your vibrational frequency, and that’s why, even though I thought of doing a separate post on the power of the mind, I’ve found that the mind and the tongue work together in manifestation. Your
thoughts and your words are exactly what shape your reality.

When I began my Law of Attraction journey, I found it tricky to manifest certain things. Sometimes I wanted to have a few extra bank notes in my purse for something I felt I’d die without but they didn’t come and other times I wanted to experience something which I thought I really deserved but it didn’t come. Why? When I think back to all the wonderful things I ‘unintentionally’ manifested before I knew what the Law of Attraction was, I realised that I’d manifested successfully because 1) I didn’t hold onto the desire with desperation and 2) it didn’t seem to matter to me if my wish came
true or not, I just felt good about making the wish. That’s the trick!

This year I came to learn a lesson about dieting and not in the physical sense. In order for you to be good at creating your reality, you have to watch what you read, what you listen to, what you watch and who you spend time around because the subconscious mind drinks it all in and, over time, creates the beliefs that limit you from living your best life. All my life I grew up hearing about how
tough life was from my mom and “oh, money doesn’t grow on trees”. When I watched the news it was all bad—the economy is failing, the crime and unemployment rates are rising, people are dying… then, you link up with your friends and what’s your conversation based on? Exactly that: the bad. Thankfully, I’ve been able to change my friendship circle and surround myself with people who rather join in than laugh at me when I speak my dreams into existence and this has helped me manifest many wonderful things ‘unintentionally’ simply by thinking big, speaking positively and ultimately losing myself in the good feeling, then letting go of the ‘need’ to see it come true. That’s how I’ve manifested food I’ve craved (for free) and my lucky pair of sunglasses which I also got for

Watching what you think and say is very important and a lot of people carry the subconscious vibration of lack and need but want to see quick manifestation results then feel angry when they only attract more lack and more need. Each time I’ve told myself that doing a particular thing was hard and that I was incapable—even if I had a moment of doubtful thinking towards it—the results always came back poor. I’ve learned to flip the script and put some positive affirmations towards my actions and it’s helped me immensely, especially financially. Here are some helpful tricks that you may try out in order to better create your reality through your thoughts and words:

1. Vibrationally spend your money: sounds weird, doesn’t it? But it’s a lot of fun to do and will require you to use a lot of imagination the next time you visit your local mall or favourite
restaurant. The trick is to carry an extra bill in your wallet. Whatever your currency, make sure it’s a three digit amount and keep it there, untouched, for at least a few weeks to a month. Think of it as your abundance or financial security for all the little things you want but don’t necessarily need. Most times when we realise we’re running low on money, we panic and start to worry. Suddenly, you have a whole list of things to sort out but your finances are keeping you up and it doesn’t make sense because you just got paid.
Vibrationally spending your money keeps you on the same frequency you’re on when you just get paid: you’re confident, you spend your money however you want and treat yourself and it just feels good not to worry about anything. That extra note in your wallet that I said not to actually spend? Here’s what we’re going to use it for, or rather, how we’re going to use it. For this example’s sake, let’s say the dollar is our global currency:

You have $100 at your disposal (the one in your wallet) and you’re at the mall for whatever reason and you see a cute top or a nice pair of shoes which you know would look good on
you for whatever event you’ve been planning to go to and it’s under $100 so you actually can afford it. Imagine yourself in your desired item—go and touch it so you know what it would feel like on your body, try it on and picture yourself getting compliments for it when people see you in it, imagine your confidence because you know you looked amazing in it… then let go of it and dwell in the confident feeling of being able to afford what you want and say thanks to the Universe (or God) for giving you the means to purchase whatever your
heart’s desire. You can do this with food too, when you walk past your favourite restaurant. Imagine yourself ordering something you like that’s within your $100 bracket and imagine
having no regrets as you pay for it; imagine how it tastes and smells and how much you’re enjoying it, then let go and thank the Universe for the financial abundance in your life that
you have to fulfil your desires. By the time you leave the mall, you’ve vibrationally spent thousands of dollars and given thanks thousands of times and that feeling of happiness and confidence is exactly what’s going to bring you further abundance because you’re radiating these feelings and gratitude and you’ve imagined yourself spending your money happily, over and over again, and the Universe has no choice but to manifest exactly that for you.

2. Watch your thoughts when you spend your money: instead of feeling like paying bills is a chore and feeling guilty for spending a bit of money on yourself to treat yourself, rather channel the feeling of gratitude as you go about it. Change your thoughts from “I have to” to “I get to”. You have an income so you get to have a roof over your head which you’re able to
afford, your income allows you the luxury of entertainment so you get to treat yourself to a movie, you worked hard this month so you get to spend an extra few dollars on a manicure
or your hair or some take-out for the family. Can you feel the difference from just reading this? When you start seeing the good (or privilege) in your life and you feel thankful for it,
it’ll only multiply—it’s the Law. You get to drive your car because you can afford it, not “I have to pay for it because I need it”. When you bought it, you felt good because it would
take you places and, if you’re lucky, boost your ego since it looks so good. You get to drive a car you worked hard for. Be happy! You get to treat your family to more than one meal a day because your finances allow you to, not “I have to buy groceries again because everybody eats so much”. You get to look good for work because you earned it, not “I have to look
good otherwise I can’t work there. They said I’m the face of the company as the receptionist so…”. Change your narrative. Try this for a week and carry on for 21 days to let this be a
habit and you’ll reap the rewards.

3. Speak your dreams into reality: for this to work, you have to choose very carefully who you do this with. My mom’s a pessimist (she’d argue she’s a realist but hey) so I don’t tell her much of my desires unless I’m looking to feel like crap for even thinking I deserved anything bigger than what I already have. Remember also that it isn’t your job to figure out how your dreams are going to come true, just have unwavering faith that they will and speak as if they already have because, to the Universe, time doesn’t exist—everything is happening at once and there’s just a buffer which allows the Universe to line everything up for you to put you
in the place you say you’re in (or even change your mind, if you suddenly feel you don’t desire something anymore).

Here is a personal example: my best friend who also practices the Law of Attraction always plays along when I come to her with my desires. Recently, I wanted to meet Usher as he was in South Africa and I spoke to my best friend about it as if I’d already met him. Being quite playful, she’d ask me “how was he in person?” or “what did you talk to him about” and that really got my vibrations through the roof. I didn’t meet him but he did see me and he gave me a smile and a wink while he danced on a DJ booth in a night club. I left feeling like my life was made and I still thank the Universe for the encounter because it made me feel special that in a room full of people, he noticed me. Even though whoever you may want to discuss your dreams with might not actually play along, at least let it be someone who desires that
for you too. I have another friend who I hang out with on campus and we talk all day about the day we become rich. When we go to this one particular mall after classes, we always use the prestige bathrooms on the very top floor and walk past the Louis Vuitton and Versace stores like, “I’m so shopping here for that” on our way to take selfies in the bathrooms that have hand towels, amazing lighting, flowers on display and this very sweet smelling soap. He adds fuel to my fire every time we talk and most times, he’ll make me realise how small I’ve been dreaming by, for example, pointing out something like “why would you shop for that at
this store when Gucci has the exact same thing, babes?”. It’s funny most times and that’s exactly what you need: to have fun with it and not dwell on the how. All you have to know is that you already have it and the Universe will align it with you.

The key ingredients in creating your reality through thoughts and words are

  • To have fun with it—play make-believe, laugh about it… feel your desire; feel good
  • Eliminate all negative energy around the desire. The ‘how’ isn’t your job
  • Be grateful in advance
  • Surround yourself with positive people to share your dreams with
  • Believe that you are worthy
  • Let go of the feeling of lack or need and replace those with feelings of abundance and confidence
  • Speak or think of it as already being fact and don’t let anyone try to sway you

It’s very important to create a positive environment around yourself in order to dream and manifest those dreams. Since my blog is a positive space, comment down below what this month looks like for you and hold that feeling with you until all is manifested. Feel good, feel positive, feel grateful and believe without a doubt that that which you seek/ desire is seeking you too. Remember, you can’t expect to grow apples if you’re planting oranges. Everything starts internally so change your thought pattern, even if it feels like lie at first to say “I can afford that”. Eventually, you’ll think and say it to yourself enough times, your mind will believe it and, when your mind believes it, the Universe will serve it.

Here’s a fun challenge: when you’re gathered with your family this month and a topic you dread comes up (maybe they ask about your job or your love life), speak your desire into reality as if it’s,already a fact. Say you’ve met the love of your life but it’s still too soon to introduce them and carry on about how well you’re being treated and appreciated by this person. Say you got a promotion at work and this is what your new salary will afford you in the New Year, or maybe you got hired at your dream company and your new boss is just the most pleasant person to work for. Stick with your story until you believe it too and watch what happens.

Happy manifesting!


3 thoughts on “Law of Attraction 101: Thoughts Become Things

  1. This is so interesting! I believe that I am an optimist, but I also think I have limiting beliefs. I want to be able to manifest some things in my life! I have a friend that I think will be interested in this too. I will share it with her and we will give this a try! Thanks for sharing!

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