Letter of the Month

Dear Smile-keepers, December marks the final round of the year—the last month to squeeze in your 2018 new year’s resolutions or tick an item or two off of a very important to-do list. For me, it’s also marks another month of my college and ultimately, like many people, the one time of the year that... Continue Reading →

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“A girl’s gotta eat”

I’ve been manifesting attracting my soul mate for almost an entire year now and it’s been fun, games, hard work and sometimes actual tears. I’d scripted about this man and made a whole list of qualities which I thought would complement mine if he had them and, let me tell you, it hasn’t been an... Continue Reading →

Law of Attraction 101: Scripting

In a few of my past blog posts, I’ve mentioned scripting. This blog series—my break-down of the Law of Attraction—will hopefully help you understand the practice better and inspire you to give it a try whether you’re looking to manifest something as big as a new career or something as small as a few extra... Continue Reading →

Gratitude Baths

  A lot of the time, people get caught up in asking and asking to fulfil their materialistic desires and I’ve realised that this is a habit that some people have, not just towards the Universe/ God but towards other people too. Some people just have it wired in them to be over-thankful or over-apologetic—you... Continue Reading →

Letter of the Month

Dear smile-keepers, The year is almost coming to an end and more than anything, I am so excited to be stepping into my birthday month to reflect on my growth over the last 12 months. I’ve looked forward to this time since it was this time last year, and while I’ve been counting down the... Continue Reading →

Self-love Challenge: Week 4

October ended on a pretty stressful note for me as I was wrapping up my exams and assignments. In that week, I may have forgotten to take care of myself by giving myself a moment to breathe but, now that I’m finally free, here is the last set of self-love questions and answers which I’ve... Continue Reading →

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